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What's the Opposite of Nostalgia? This Post

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Industry | October 1, 2013 |

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Industry | October 1, 2013 |

There is no trade news worth typing anything about. There is not even any trade news worth listing and mocking, which I do on occasion when the rage strikes me. It happens like this sometimes with big entertainment moments like the Breaking Bad finale. They’re like anti-singularities, pushing away everything from the vicinity. There’s one story for a week leading up to it and a week after, and launching meaningful news during that period is just a way to get your announcement ignored.

I mean there were apparently a bunch of runs of the trailers for Captain Philips and Need for Speed during the Breaking Bad finale (the latter for the obvious reason that it represents Aaron Paul’s deserved big paycheck). But no one wants to see those.

So I figured we’d go back in time, to a long time ago in the galaxy far far in 2012. Just what was the trade news back in the first week of October a year ago? It’s kind of interesting to look back on those articles just to see if we have much of a recollection of these events, especially in light of our particular vehemence or eagerness at the time.

It’s a Game! It’s a Show! It’s a Game and a Show! Behind the Scenes of “Defiance” — ooh, I remember watching the first two episodes of that show. Even wrote a review about it. It wasn’t bad. Then I forgot about it.

Seth MacFarlane Is Hosting the Oscars Because, Seriously F**k That Guy — all I recall is that he wasn’t entertaining, and pissed off a lot of people with boob jokes. So basically, the Oscars were like all of his television series.

S.H.I.E.L.D. Character Outline: First We Cancel Castle — Ah, yes, I vaguely recall writing this post. It was the first one I did about SHIELD, before I started refusing on principle to type all those stupid periods. It seems strange that only a year ago, there were no actors in these roles. Though I did make the obligatory Firefly joke at the time.

It’s Slipping Now: End of Love Trailer - TK ended up reviewing this and thought it was okay. I vented bile about the moral wrongness of the making of the film, but have since forgotten that it ever existed.

Dear Filmmakers: There’s More to High School Than Losing Your Virginity - Heh. I remember reading this trailer post of Dustin’s but have not the slightest recollection of the film ever coming out.

‘The Lone Ranger’ Trailer Looks Decent Right Up Until the Moment Johnny Depp Shows Up With a Bird On His Head - As I recall, that’s a pretty decent capsule review of the movie as well as the trailer.

Biz Break: You Get a TV Show, You Get a TV Show, EVERYONE Gets a TV Show - Ever heard of “Sense8” or “Then Came Elvis”? Well they were television shows with promise under development last year. I wouldn’t hold your breath at this point.

The Teaser Trailer for ‘A Good Day to Die Hard’ Features A Symphony of Kaboom - Dustin begins this trailer post with “I completely forgot that there will be another ‘Die Hard’ movie, the fifth in the series”. That’s appropriate, because seven months after its release, I had completely forgotten it had existed too.

Based on the Trailers Alone, Which of these 5 A-List Movies Would You Most Likely Watch? - In retrospect, the correct answer was ‘Silver Linings Playbook’. Of the other four, only two of them do I even recall enough to be indifferent about.

Bitchy Anderson Cooper is the Best Anderson Cooper — Finally, a trade news post that is as relevant today as it was then.

Steven Lloyd Wilson is the sci-fi and history editor. You can email him here or follow him on Twitter.

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