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Whatever Happened to the Guy Who Played Duncan Kane on 'Veronica Mars'?

By Dustin Rowles | Industry | October 17, 2014 |

By Dustin Rowles | Industry | October 17, 2014 |

We had the big tenth anniversary of Veronica Mars recently, there was a movie earlier this year, and there’s even a web series based on Ryan Hansen’s character called “Play It Again, Dick” (I’ve seen a couple of episodes, and I keep forgetting to mention it, but it’s very fun). And yet, despite all the talk of Veronica Mars, there’s nary a mention of Duncan Kane, Veronica’s first season boyfriend.

Why is that?

Because Teddy Dunn was liked even LESS than Piz, if you can believe that (at least Piz left a memory. I completely forget about Duncan Kane, even though there was a whole incest plotline between he and Veronica). Anyway, in TV Guide this week, he opened up about his time on VM, and was a little … weird about it, I thought.

After discussing, in detail, how he’d turned down the role several times before he took it (in part, because he thought UPN was a crappy network), Dunn explains that the reason why his character never really connected is that, in the beginning, he played it as though Duncan had a mental disorder, which is what he was led to believe about the character.

“I was told early on that Duncan was bipolar, so when I got the role I got some books, starting researching it and looking into it,” Dunn says. Since psychosomatic drugs used to treat bipolar disorder often leave the user emotionally distant, Dunn made the conscious choice to play Duncan that way. However, once it became clear that viewers were having a hard time connecting to Duncan, “I was told to leave all that behind and go back to being the gregarious big man on campus,” Dunn says. “I had a hard time reconciling the two and I think I struggled with the precedent we had set with the character in the first few episodes versus what they wanted to get out of the character later down the line

After he was written out of VM, in part because his character was so unpopular on the show, Dunn’s career mostly stalled. But that was OK, he said, because VM soured him on the industry:

[Veronica Mars] was a very eye-opening experience in the business side of it,” Dunn says. “I had always pursued it as an art form, as wanting to tell great stories to the world … And everything I did became more and more of a business calculation up until the point that I had the realization that if it’s going to be just a business, there are a ton of other things I could do and a ton of other things that maybe interest me more as a business than the entertainment business.”

What’s he doing now? He graduated from law school at Boston College (figures, since that’s where all the douches go (NO OFFENSE. I graduated law school from Boston University, and we are conditioned to hate BC)), and now he’s practicing law as an associate in a New York law firm.

Interesting. He was disillusioned by the business side of the entertainment industry so he decided to take a job as a corporate lawyer.


Source: TV Guide

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