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What Two Television Promotions Might Mean For Your Favorite Shows

By Vivian Kane | Industry | June 2, 2016 |

By Vivian Kane | Industry | June 2, 2016 |

This week, some very quiet news broke regarding two of the best shows on television: The Americans and Shameless. Before we get started here, let me say I don’t want to hear any of you “But those aren’t my favorite shows” nonsense, because they absolutely should be. I was late to the Shameless game, myself, but I’ve spent the last month binging the show and I’m a better person for it. If these aren’t two of your hands-down favorites shows, I’m going to assume it’s because you don’t watch them, and that in itself is a crime needing remedying.

This week, both shows saw a recurring character promoted from recurring role to series regular. Now this could mean nothing. Both were already in a large percentage of the episodes, and basically regulars in all but name (and, presumably, pay), so this could be nothing more than agents’ negotiations going into new seasons. What else could it mean? I don’t know, but let’s speculate. (Mild spoilers for both shows’ recent seasons.)

First, Isidora Goreshter— aka Svetlana— will be a series regular in the next season of Shameless (which, as Dustin mentioned, will be here ahead of the expected schedule). I can’t remember the last episode of the show she wasn’t in, so honestly, I don’t know how much a change this will be, except maybe a security in knowing that even if the new triad relationship Kev and Veronica have entered into blows up spectacularly, Chicago’s favorite surly bartender isn’t going anywhere. And that on its own is worth celebrating.

Next up, on The Americans, the promotion to series regular here is for Brandon J. Dirden— Agent Aderholt.


Again, I don’t know what this promotion means, since he’s been featured in the majority of this (and most) season’s episodes. But if his presence is going to be increased, it’s likely an indicator of some plot’s progression. Because thinking about the plot lines his character is involved in, it comes down to that of Agent Gaad and of Martha. And while Gaad has a lot that needs resolving, I still can’t imagine that this is that last we’ve seen, or at least heard of Martha. At the very least, maybe it will come down to a showdown between him and the Mail-Bot, but again, that was Gaad’s battle. If Aderholt has now been promoted to series regular, we should be seeing more of at least one important, presumed left-for-dead plot line.

Hopefully these thoughts of future plot lines are enough to keep us warm as we head into the dead of summer.

Via Deadline.

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