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What If ET Was Mean and Mexican?

By Cindy Davis | Industry | November 14, 2010 |

By Cindy Davis | Industry | November 14, 2010 |

Sometimes first contact ain’t all warm and fuzzy, y’all.

Seres Genesis is the film adaptation of a Mexican graphic novel about the invasion of Earth. A young girl survives a crash caused by an alien craft and she delivers a cryptic message that seems to suggest the end of humanity. A secret group within a giant technology firm investigates paranormal activities and Mayan end of days prophesies. This group, led by Mariel (Alejandra Barros), sets out to decode the message and finds that aliens have always been among us.

Frankly it sounds like a bunch of gobbledeegook, but the trailer has a nice creepy-cheesy feel to it and this first entry of a trilogy has supposedly become a cult hit in Mexico.

Perhaps after ET went home he hit puberty, got pissy and came back to kick our asses? Up and coming director Angel Mario Huerta (Inspiración) wrote, directed and produced this film, the “first Sci Fi film to be produced in Mexico”. Though the film was supposedly released at the end of October in the U.S., you’ll probably have to hunt this one down - Apple just posted the trailer this weekend.

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