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We're Getting a New 'Jessica Jones' Book & It's Not Even Our Birthday

By Vivian Kane | Industry | July 11, 2016 |

By Vivian Kane | Industry | July 11, 2016 |

With last year’s Jessica Jones, Netlix managed the almost magical feat of creating a series that was wholly different from the show’s source material, but was still loved by existing fans of the character, while also bringing in huge audiences who not only hadn’t read Alias, but may not have any other investment in the MCU. Basically, Jessica Jones was kickass, and everyone saw that it was kickass, and we all want more.

And now we’re all getting a big new heaping helping of Jessica Jones in the form of a new solo comic book series. According to IGN, the book has been in the works since even before the Netflix show, although the series’ popularity didn’t hurt the book’s development.

“The one thing that the show did, it took Jessica Jones and made her much more of a household name than she ever was when Alias was being done, and much more important in the Marvel firmament, one of the very few characters that’s headlined a Marvel property in film or on television, so consequently there’s just more interest right now than a Jessica comic than there might have been a year ago or a couple of years ago,” [Marvel Comics Executive Editor Tom] Brevoort said. “That’s the one beautiful thing for us, the one ancillary gift that the show gave us was a much bigger audience and a much bigger spotlight to do the kind of stories that have always been done in Alias and now in Jessica Jones.”

Jones first showed up in Brian Michael Bendis’ 2001 Alias, as the whiskey-and-Luke-Cage-loving superhero-turned-private detective. After that series wrapped up in 2004, Bendis gave her The Pulse, which fed into Civil War, and Jones showed up in various series for a while. But we haven’t had a solo vehicle for Jessica Jones (on the page, anyway) since Alias ended.

Until now! And to make this whole thing WAY too perfect to handle, all the original creators are back onboard. Bendis is writing it, and Michael Gaydos is doing the art. Even David Mack is back, doing the covers. Just check out this first issue cover!


As for how this will fit in to the existing universe, it won’t match up with the Netflix series, since that (and the upcoming Luke Cage) are earlier stories, if not full origins. But here’s what Bendis had to say about where we’ll find Jones in this new story.

We’re going to open up a book where Jessica’s world has blown up in her face. She’s at a place you’ll least expect her. You’re going to find all of her relationships have altered. And we’re slowly going to find out why. I do like writing Jessica where we have to figure out ‘why this has happened.’

Original team? Bendis-brand mystery? NEW JESSICA JONES? Look. I don’t want to oversell this, but I think the only appropriate reaction to this news can be summed up thusly:

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