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Well, Bless Your Unbeating Heart

By Brian Prisco | Industry | July 22, 2010 |

By Brian Prisco | Industry | July 22, 2010 |

Charlaine Harris (the author of the True Blood vampire novels) kind of reminds me of John Goodman doing the Church Lady. She seems like she’d be at home at a bake sale. But she’s happy as a pig in shit about her success and she appreciates her fans. She giggles delightedly about the fact that Anne Rice and she are Facebook friends. She acknowledges the people who paved the way for her, while still joking about the “dime a dozen” state of Vampire literature. It’s a nice humility, like a mom rooting for her jock star son on the sidelines.

I thought I might finally break my Comic-con microphone cherry and finally be one of those sweaty, awkward, stuttering questioneers you see on YouTube videos. But my question was asked. I wondered how much influence the Alan Ball series “True Blood” has had on the progressing series. It’s a question I’d love to ask of several authors who get their material produced while still writing the series. I know Jim Butcher rues the day he sold the Dresden files to Syfy back when they were less stupidly spelled.

Harris claims that while she loves the series — especially the new character of Jessica — it has no bearing on what she writes. She considers them different worlds, different forms of entertainment. As much as she loves the show, and the changes and risks Alan Ball has made, she still watches it with her hands over her eyes sometimes.

So Bubba’s still safe, retardedly eating cats in the forest, rest assured. Which makes me less afeared of Hollywood snagging every galley in the publisher’s weekly.

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