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We Can Actually Surmise A Lot From On Set Images of Jon Hamm Filming 'Mad Men's' Final Episode

By Dustin Rowles | Industry | June 18, 2014 |

By Dustin Rowles | Industry | June 18, 2014 |

The Daily Mail captured a few images of Jon Hamm, allegedly filming his final episode of Mad Men, which will end its series run year. And here’s the thing: They may seem fairly innocuous, but the location suggests a lot.



The most significant giveaway here is that the scenes are filmed in Los Angeles. That could suggest a number of things: That he’s opened up his own shop in Los Angeles. That he’s moved to the Sterling Cooper/McCann Erickson offices in L.A., or that he’s even gotten back together with L.A. resident, Megan Draper.

Also, and this is important: He’s not dead. Nor does he show any signs of the lung cancer that some have suggested he’ll end up with. Nor is he on a plane, D.B. Cooper-ing his way into oblivion.

From the sixth season premiere, we also know that Don Draper loves the beach (and his attire could suggest that’s where he’s heading). He feels at peace there. Maybe he’s retired. Maybe he’s decided to close-up shop and support Megan in her career.

Or maybe he is dead, and this is all a dream, a dream of the place he wants to be. Or maybe he’s like Norman in A Star is Born (referenced in the sixth season of Mad Men), and he’s walking out into the ocean to drown himself.

If you wanted, you could also read something into the color scheme here:

article-2659401-1ED5673600000578-363_306x610 (1).jpg

Those are familiar colors, again, from the sixth season premiere when he was out in Hawaii, aka, “Paradise.”


Note, too, that here he is not wearing a watch.


When he was in Hawaii, he was wearing a watch.


In fact, clocks/watches have made a few appearances in the last two seasons, and they usually indicate not just the passage of time, but the constraints of his work. Maybe he’s no longer working? Or maybe, as in Poe’s “Tell Tale Heart,” a watch represents the narrator’s heart counting down the seconds until death. Maybe he is dead, and he no longer needs to count the seconds.

See, I told you there was a lot we can deduce from these images. We’ve figured it out! Don Draper is back with Megan. Or dead. Or he’s working at a new firm in Los Angeles. Or simply visiting someone (like Stephanie Draper). It’s definitely probably one of those things, maybe.

There’s a few more images on The Daily Mail, if you want to draw your own conclusions, but I think the case is closed on this one.

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