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Watch "Parks and Recreation" Or I Will Step On Your Neck

By Dustin Rowles | Industry | January 7, 2011 |

By Dustin Rowles | Industry | January 7, 2011 |

Hey! Remember watching the first season of “Parks and Recreation,” and how you were all like, “Yeah, whatever. It’s OK. But nothing to write home to Mom about” and so you really didn’t pay much attention during season two, and maybe you stopped watching it until around mid-season when everybody kept saying, “Ohmygod, “Parks and Recreation” is the best show on TV!” And you were like, “Really? I thought it was just OK.” And then another person would, like, get in your face and start yelling, “It’s so awesome Jesus Christ you have to be watching this!” and the vein in his head was popping so you knew he must have been really serious about it, and so you found a weekend and you caught up on the whole season and when you were done you found some random stranger on the street and you grabbed him by the lapels and you pulled them toward you and you got your coffee breath all in his face and you were like, “LISTEN TO ME! “PARKS AND RECREATION” IS SO AWESOME YOU WOULD LEAVE YOUR WIFE FOR IT,” and they were like, “Dude. Would you mind, I’m trying to get to work” and then after that you found out that NBC was yanking your dick and the third season wouldn’t be coming back until mid-season and you were all like “What? But I love it now. Why would they do that to me?” And then you went into your office and you cried a little and then weeks passed and then months and you forgot all about it and then all of a sudden, “OhMyGod, it’s coming back in two weeks, and here’s an awesome promo for the new season and Adam Scott and Rob Lowe! And Parker Posey and Megan Mullally and I’m running out of breath so JUST WATCH THIS VIDEO.

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