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Waiting For Lois Lane

By Joanna Robinson | Industry | February 1, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Industry | February 1, 2011 |

How is this happening? How are there three film adaptations of the three most famous superheroes all in production at the same time? Well, love them or hate them, we’ve already got our Spider-Man (slim-hipped Andrew Garfield), our Batman (poor-excuse for a human and tremendously talented actor Christian Bale) and their ladies (the smoky Ms. Emma Stone and the pouty Ms. Anne Hathaway respectively). This weekend Henry Cavill was cast in Zack Snyder’s new Superman movie. Here’s a reminder of what our All-American (even if he’s actually British) lantern-jawed hero will look like.


Yup, that sure is the down-home, Iowa corn-fed hauteur we’ve come to expect from The Man of Steel. Well, that casting is old news, three days old in fact, and now it’s time to speculate as to whom will be cast as Lois Lane. Not to spoil your day or anything, but my header photo doesn’t lie. The front-runner is Kristen “I Do But Bite My Lip At You” Stewart and I think a resounding “Hell No” is in order, don’t you, Pajiba Nation?

Lois Lane is one of my favorite comic book characters and she’s a tricky one to pull off. Ms. Lane, pride of the “Daily Planet” has to be both a sassy and brash reporter, and somehow scattered enough to not see through Clark’s famously crappy disguise. This great video of Lois Lane screen tests for the 1978 Superman highlights the problem perfectly. Lesley Ann Warren knocks it out of the park in the charmingly ditzy sense and Stockard Channing nails the hard-boiled sassmouth, but it’s Margot Kidder who skates the fine line between the two. Check it out and try to ignore Kidder’s horrible wig and subsequent mental breakdown. (The gent at the beginning of this clip says they were looking for “sweetness” and “whimsy” when casting Ms. Lane. No, sir, that ain’t my Lois.)

[source Movie Line]

But that was then, dear readers, and this is now and it’s up to us, I think, to convince Zack Snyder that Kristen Stewart is NOT the way to go. I’m equally distressed by some of the other front-runners including Jessica Biel (so boring), Malin Akerman (not even easy on the eyes), and Dianna Agron (um, she’s in Glee?).

One name that hasn’t been bandied about that I would like to submit for your consideration is Olivia Thirlby. She’s a bit on the young side (as is Stewart), but I appreciate her brand of effervescent intelligence. And, she wouldn’t be hard to look at, amirite?


But my true number one choice is a name that has also been mentioned by the studio, Ms. Rachel McAdams. She’s an obvious candidate having played an ace reporter in State of Play and a wildly scatterbrained professional in Morning Glory. (Seriously, did you see Morning Glory? There should be a pratfall drinking game associated with that film.) Best of all, we know McAdams looks great as a brunette, which is more than can be said for poor Kate Bosworth. So, what do you say, do you have a better option? Rachel McAdams doubts that you do.


Joanna Robinson’s opinion about who would make a good Lois Lane would probably be rendered null and void if you knew she liked Teri Hatcher’s take on the role…oooooops. Also, Bee Tee Dubs, Joanna Robinson is on Twitter now. It’s true, @quityourJRob

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