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I Swear It's Really Six

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Industry | August 26, 2010 |

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Industry | August 26, 2010 |

SyFy has released a bit of casting news for its new series “Three Inches,” which is about a team of superheroes with terribly mundane abilities. So far SyFy has announced three members of the team. James Marsters of “Buffy” and “Torchwood” fame will play the leader of the team (though there’s no news on what his power will be, other than cheekbones and abs), while Stephanie Jacobsen’s (Kendra from “BSG: Razor”) character will be able to manipulate peoples’ emotions (presumably by ways other than executing families wholesale). Naoko Mori (Tosh from “Torchwood”) will play a character who “can duplicate any sound she hears.”

There’s still no word on who will play the protagonist of the series, a man struck by lightning who is able to telekinetically move any object, but only for three inches. It’s not clear what the limitations of this are, but I immediately jump to splitting hairs when stories toss out these very arbitrary rules. Is there a limit on how big the object is? I.e. can he move the moon three inches away from the Earth? What about a part of an object, as in, can he move your heart three inches to the left? And once he moves an object three inches, can he do it again? If not, is there some sort of effect that wears off, or is the stapler on his desk permanently immune because once six years ago he mindfreaked it? And what about momentum? If he moves an object three inches on a slippery surface, will it keep moving? Why yes I do have a technical degree, and no I don’t get out much.

Oh look, a shirtless Nathan Stark in this week’s “Eureka!”


(source: CinemaBlend)

Steven Lloyd Wilson is the sci-fi and history editor. You can email him here or follow him on Twitter.

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