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This Summer, The Bellringer Tolls for Thee

By Miscellaneous | Industry | July 12, 2010 |

By Miscellaneous | Industry | July 12, 2010 |

Here’s the story — Victor Hugo’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame is getting another film adaptation. There are about 10 other movies about the book already, and the Disney version is closest to my heart. So what’s the twist on it this time? How do we sell it to producers?

The phrase I keep hearing is “Action-Adventure.” Also, “Similar to Pirates of the Caribbean.”

And maybe it could be a good adventure flick. There’s a battle, there’s some fancy Frenchy set pieces, and there’s a convoluted love triangle hexagon.

I’m just seeing one TINY problem. The *ahem* titular Hunchback. It doesn’t matter what version you do, he’s going to be ugly. And if you really want to be true to the book, he’s almost a deaf-mute. When audiences watch their action adventures, they want pretty and charming. Especially if there’s a love story similar to the novel.

And I hope you don’t want to make this a franchise, because *180-Year-Old Spoiler Alert* everyone dies at the end.

So let’s try to cast it. Who can still manage to be charming despite playing a deaf-mute disfigured hunchback? As for Esmerelda, who can play the Gypsy object of affection?

And I just had the worst idea that Phoebus would be the hero and ol’ Quasi would be some kind of comic relief sidekick.

Is there any way this could work?

(via Variety)

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