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This is a Joke, Right?

By Cindy Davis | Industry | December 5, 2010 |

By Cindy Davis | Industry | December 5, 2010 |

I knew better than to watch the Yogi trailer, but this being a slow news Sunday, I forced myself to watch this just released The Beaver trailer. I thought I was prepared for the stupidity, I mean - come on - Mel Gibson’s comeback is a puppet movie? The story follows the life of Walter Black (Gibson), whose life has spiraled downward as he succumbs to depression. His bad behavior causes his wife (Foster) to kick him out, his family to ridicule him and Black can’t find a way to get his life back. Well, not until he finds a beaver in a dumpster, that is. Magical Mister Multilingual and Accented Beaver Puppet helps Mel Walter defeat all his inner demons and presumably to get his life back. (It just ain’t that simple, Mel.)

Meanwhile, I was completely unprepared for just how bad Jodie Foster could be. I really haven’t seen her in much the past decade - her films haven’t enticed me and there’s something way too sharp and insincere about her as she’s gotten older. It’s a shame, because I really liked Jodie back in the day. But now that I’ve seen this trailer, I feel certain that I was right to let her go.

In a film that has Mel Gibson, a ludicrous premise and a frakking beaver puppet, who’d have guessed that Jodie Foster would be the biggest clunker? Mel’s left hand is more sincere.

The Beaver is directed by Jodie Foster and headed to theaters Spring, 2011.

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