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They May As Well Call It 'This Movie Will Not Have John Cusack'

By Riley Silverman | Industry | February 4, 2016 |

By Riley Silverman | Industry | February 4, 2016 |

Tired of remakes and sequels that seem like a cash grab exploiting the disposable income and nostalgia of a generation of adults who refuse to let go of our childhood? Yeah, well shut up. Because The AV Club reports that “Savage” Steve Holland has confirmed that a sequel to the cult classic One Crazy Summer is in the works. Seeing as John Cusack has no love whatsoever for the original or its Holland predecessor (and superior film) Better Off Dead, chances are very unlikely that the War Inc. star will be back for the sequel. But Joel Murray and Bobcat Goldthwait are both in, and maybe that dog with the cone around its neck had puppies or something.

Picture us tentatively excited? The Holland movies are cult classics for folks who had some cable access as kids, but never really reached mainstream success due to their bizarre tone and teases toward the dark, but both of those things could connect with audiences in 2016. Considering, too, the complete rebranding of Goldthwait from angry high-pitched yelly guy into twisted and brilliant auteur, seeing him return to one of those iconic ’80s roles could make the entire film worth it. If not, at least we’ll be able to sneak to the bathroom during a long animation or claymation sequence.

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