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The Triumphant Return of Jason Bourne

By Genevieve Burgess | Industry | November 9, 2014 |

By Genevieve Burgess | Industry | November 9, 2014 |

Looks like Matt Damon just can’t stay away, it’s been officially announced that the actor will be reprising his role as Jason Bourne with a new movie due out in 2016. I’m happy to hear it because while I may like Jeremy Renner, I’m not sure I like him enough for him to take over the Bourne franchise and the Mission: Impossible franchise while also popping up in a bunch of Marvel movies. That’s a lot of Renner, guys. For us and for him. Let’s let the dude get in a nap or two between wire stunts, archery practice, and krav maga training sessions.

Despite my enthusiasm for more magic Matt Damon, there is a slight downside to the news; Paul Greengrass is returning to direct and as those of us who saw the second and third Bourne movies know, the man has never met a camera shot he couldn’t liven up with some artful jostling. As someone extremely prone to motion sickness, this is one of my biggest cinematic pet peeves so I hope he takes it down a notch or two for the upcoming film. If not, I’ll still go, but with dramamine in hand. Also, by the time the film comes out it will have been nine years since the last Bourne movie starring Damon, which makes me wonder where they’re going to take the character. That’s a lot of time to cover. So, obviously, let the wild speculation begin; I say he’s working at a new private security outfit that he finds out is alarmingly similar to Treadstone and ends up going on a mission against his own people. Your turn!

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