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'The Strangers: Prey At Night' Is Creepy, But Not As Scary As Current Events

By Jodi Smith | Industry | November 20, 2017 |

By Jodi Smith | Industry | November 20, 2017 |

I don’t know if I’ve shared this before, but one of the excellent horror movies I’ve only seen twice is The Strangers The reason for that is that I watched it alone at night while my husband was working his then-job of 12 hour night shifts. My anxiety and panic were not controlled at all and I was by myself with a small child sleeping in her room.

I’m a genius.

The Strangers terrified me. When I watched it again almost 9 years later, I was still breathless and very aware of my heart thudding in my chest like something that does that sort of thing. At no point during or after the two viewings did I ever think to myself, “Gee, I sure do hope we get an unneeded sequel to this horror film that derives a lot of the horror from the couple being home”. Hollywood always thinks that, though, and here we are with a sequel set to open ten years after the original was released.

Points for using the Tiffany cover of “I Think We’re Alone Now”, because that’s genius. No points awarded for having the sequel take place in a wide open trailer park. No points for pretending this flick is also based on true events. And finally, no points for using the same Strangers, just because I’m a jerk like that.


A family staying in a secluded mobile home park for the night are visited by three masked psychopaths, to test their every limit.

The movie stars Christina Hendricks, Bailee Madison (Once Upon A Time), and Martin Henderson (The Ring) as the family being stalked and is set to be released March 9, 2018.

Jodi Smith is a Senior Reporter, Film & Television at Pajiba. You can email her or follow her on Twitter.

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