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The Story of Gary Jormph-Jomp

By Miscellaneous | Industry | August 6, 2010 |

By Miscellaneous | Industry | August 6, 2010 |

In a wonderful case of life mirroring art, the director of the Jerry Garcia biopic Dark Star has been denied the rights to all of Garcia’s music. Why is this so funny to me? Because anyone familiar with recent episodes of 30 Rock knows that Jenna Maroney was forced to play “Jackie Jormph-Jomp” after the production company couldn’t get the life rights to Janice Joplin. So I’m expecting a similar situation here.

The film is supposed to follow Garcia’s early life when he played in coffee shops and was primarily a bluegrass player. In typical biopic fashion he will do drugs and his wife will worry and he will rip a sink off of the wall. I wonder if they’ll even be allowed to make extremely apparent references to his songs. It’s a biopic staple. I really am starting to wonder about the audience for this movie. Would fans go see a musician’s biopic if it didn’t have the music?

That said, I really want them to do really lazy and obvious rip-offs of Dead songs. And now a list for amusement. And please feel free to add more.

-Pal of Beelzebub
-Pyre on the Fountain.
-Cube of Precipitation
- Berlet Scagonias

Like I said, lazy and obvious. Don’t expect Yankovician levels of satire out of me.
You try to do better! I’m calling out the hippies of Pajiba. Represent!

(via The Playlist)

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