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The Pointy End Goes In The Other Guy

By Brian Prisco | Industry | July 24, 2010 |

By Brian Prisco | Industry | July 24, 2010 |

How the fuck have we not been talking about this film sooner? Ironclad is a period piece set in the wake of the signing of the Magna Carta, when a group of knights Templar defended Rochester Castle against King John and his mercenaries. It’s got Brian Cox, Paul Giamatti, Derek Jacobi, and Jason Flemyng, among others. I guess Jonathan English is a relative nobody and that it’s getting indie distribution, but Jesus Christ, we need to keep an eye out for films like this.

It’s those films I love, the goddamn historical epics where they don’t bitch out on the violence. Where they recall that when you stick a metal bit in someone lots and lots of blood fly out. The producer showed us just the first of three battles in the film. It makes Neil Marshall’s Centurion look like Scott’s Robin Hood. Limbs are getting hacked off, trebuchets are hurling exploding stones that make bodies go all explodey, heads are cleaved in twain. And that’s just the first battle! Eeeeee! Brian Cox in armor fucking motherfuckers up! Get off your goddamn asses and dance!

The footage we saw was pretty jerky cam, and the lighting was kind of dark. I pray to God that that was just the projectors at the Con which run dark and not the actual film. Looking at the trailer below makes me feel slightly better. However, with the indie distribution, I have no fucking idea when or where we’ll be able to see this. They don’t even have a release date yet that I’m aware of.

But it’s important that we support Paul Giamatti and Brian Cox in bloody historical epics. Because I look like Paul Giamatti. And I want to act in a movie where I get to watch a guy with a jagged piece of metal hack of another man’s arm. It’s all I ask.

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