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The People Behind the New 'Pan' Called In Amanda Seyfried to Help... Diversify?

By Vivian Kane | Industry | April 25, 2014 |

By Vivian Kane | Industry | April 25, 2014 |

When Rooney Mara was cast as Tiger Lily in Joe Wright’s Pan, there was a lot of outrage surrounding the idea of a white actress chosen to fill a role written as a woman of color. On top of that, the original character is a complete racist caricature, making the appropriation of the role even that much more insulting. We were told at the time not to worry, that this would be a super diverse world, basically the United Colors of Neverland:

Wright is planning to create a world that very international and multi-racial, effectively challenging audiences’ preconceived notions of Neverland and reimagining the environment.

Most of us at the time had a pretty strong inkling of how this was likely to end up: As it so often does, with an all- or heavily-white principal cast, and racially diverse supporting characters. Well, casting has just been finalized, and… last chance to place bets on how this all played out.

The Principal Cast

The newest addition: Amanda Seyfried as Mary (presumably, hopefully the pirate Mary Read)

Garrett Hedlund as Hook

Hugh Jackman as Blackbeard

Levi Miller as Peter

Rooney mara as Tiger Lily

Wildcard: Leni Zieglmeier as Wendy. No photo available.

The Supporting Cast

Adeel Akhtar as Smee

Jack Charles as The Chief/Tiger Lily’s father

Tae-joo Na as Kwahu

Nonso Anozie as Bishop

Kathy Burke as Mother Barnabas

Kurt Egyiawan as Murray

To be entirely fair, I’m not positive how large or small these roles are. Tiger Lily may only be a peripheral role. Smee may play a larger part, like in Hook (but without Bob Hoskins, consider me not interested). And while I’m intrigued by so many unknown actors, it’s hard to look past this blatant marginalization. We were told we would get a diverse, multi-cultural cast, and instead what we’re being given is a multi-cultural background. Directors, producers, and casting directors of the world, a quick heads up. THOSE ARE NOT THE SAME THINGS.

Via the Wrap.

Vivian Kane REALLY likes Peter Pan, you guys, and she wishes these people weren’t making it so difficult for her to give them her money.

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