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The Louis CK Heckler is Real and She's Fantastic

By Mike Redmond | Industry | December 6, 2018 |

By Mike Redmond | Industry | December 6, 2018 |


Earlier in the week, I covered the Comedy Cellar’s bullshit #MeToo fundraiser that it held Tuesday night while still continue to allow Louis CK to make surprise appearances. Kind of some mixed messaging there, but we’ll circle back to that.

Anyway, I opened the post with Klaire Randall’s viral tweet about heckling CK during a pop-in set, which happened less than 48 hours before the Cellar’s PR stunt:

Initially, I hedged my bets on the chances of this being real because, well, Twitter. Turns out, Randall’s story is legit, which Vice confirmed in an interview with this brave AF badass. So here’s what happened when Randall and her boyfriend found themselves on the receiving end of Louis CK having free reign to just waltz in and keep making tone-deaf jokes about how much money he’s lost, and let’s see here, sexualizing children.


At some point, Randall said, C.K.’s set took a sexual turn: He started joking about “putting thermometers up your asshole” and “eight-year-old girls thinking about having sex.” He paused to check his notes, the room fell silent, and—after growing “more and more enraged” at C.K.—Randall decided she had to say something.

“I am four feet away from him, and I yell: ‘Get your dick out!’” Randall said. “He looks at me and makes direct eye contact and says, ‘What?’ And I say: ‘Get your fucking dick out.’”

Almost immediately, Randall recalled, a few folks in the crowd started booing her, and a Comedy Cellar employee came over to her table. Randall said they told her she couldn’t yell at the comedians, and that the club had paid for her tab. Then, she said, they pointed toward the door.

“It was not a forceful getting-kicked-out, but it was heavily implied,” Randall said. “It was very much like: ‘Your tab is covered, go.’”

Naturally, the Cellar has a slightly different version albeit one that confirms that CK did a surprise set and that Randall was confronted by an employee because these people suck at handling press:

Liz Furiati, the Comedy Cellar’s general manager, told VICE Randall wasn’t actually asked to leave—instead, she said, Randall just walked out after an employee told her she couldn’t yell at C.K. And as Furiati tells it, no one ever pointed Randall toward the door.

“That’s not the sequence of events,” Furiati said. “At no point was she asked to leave, told to leave—at no point.”

Here’s what drives me nuts about the Comedy Cellar. Instead of simply owning that they don’t give a f**k about what Louis CK did (or will do) to women because he puts asses in seats, the Cellar keeps pulling this mealy-mouthed performative charade where they act like they’re interested in the debate surrounding CK and #MeToo in general. But there’s really no debate. The Cellar’s argument is distilled into its purest form every time Louis CK steps out on that stage. That’s their full and final statement and even more so after three months of “listening.”

“We heard you, but we just don’t care.”

Except that’s not entirely true, because the Cellar — and particularly owner Noam Dworman — seems to care a lot whenever his club isn’t lauded for letting an admitted sexual abuser drop in whenever he wants. Or more recently, when people saw right through Tuesday’s #MeToo fundraiser. Is it good that money was raised to help stop sexual assault? Sure. Does it look like a blatant PR stunt when the same establishment keeps showcasing a guy who did some very gross shit to women? You’re goddamn right it does. And spotting that hypocrisy isn’t the fault of anyone who has eyes and/or common sense. That’s on the Cellar for trying to have it both ways.

You let Louis CK jerk it in your bed, now lie in it.

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Mike is a Staff Contributor living in Pennsyltucky. You can follow him on Twitter.

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