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The Long Con

By Cindy Davis | Industry | June 24, 2010 |

By Cindy Davis | Industry | June 24, 2010 |

Am I still bitter? Why yes, yes I am.

Will I be bitter about the Lost ending the rest of my life? I think I might. Up until that last episode, I had it in my mind that as soon as the show was over and we’d gotten all the answers that those bastards producers promised, I would start watching all over again. (Yes, in my tiny, little brain I really did think the big puzzle of the island would be magically unlocked like that stupid box from Hellraiser, even though somewhere way, way in the back of my tiny little brain I knew it was impossible.) And then they did what they did and I felt what I felt and I knew I would never watch it again. I turned my back on Lost and I shunned it as if it never existed.

So why the twinge in my heart and my tiny, little brain when I saw this news? Michael Emerson spoke a while back of an 11-minute epilogue that explores what happened when Hurley, with Ben at his side, took over as island leader. Now the postscript has a title: “The New Man in Charge.” This short will be included in Lost: The Complete Collection, but it’s still unknown whether it will also be attached to the Season 6 DVD (both out August 24th). Oh and someone at The New York Post saw the first minute of this footage and says the wait is totally worth it.


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