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The Latest on the TV Adaptation of Stephen King's 'The Stand'

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Industry | June 9, 2015 |

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Industry | June 9, 2015 |

I read The Stand when I was thirteen years old. It was a disintegrating paperback that I got a library book sale, where paperbacks were a quarter and hardcovers a dollar. The volunteer refused to charge me for the book, it was falling apart so badly. That book blew my mind. It was one of the first novels I read that truly were about horror, about sex and violence, about the terrible things that men do to one another. It was the uncut version, the one with the raven-faced figure in black dueling with a harried man in white. I remember the line drawn pictures still, and the way the crinkling yellowed pages crackled like ancient manuscripts. The binding was gone, the pages not even connected to it anymore, so it was just a pile of pages that I meticulously kept in order.

I think I’ve told this story on here before, but eventually I got a new copy of it, a good fifteen years later. A nice hardcover that will last the rest of my life. But that old paperback I still have in a box with other mementos, all the other things I will have forever.

Of course the mini-series back in the nineties was a massive event at the time. There were the furtive VHS tapes passed back and forth between those who weren’t allowed to watch it And it was horrible. M-O-O-N spells horrific miscasting, yes it does.

There have been rumors of a new version being tossed around for years now. I even dug up a post where I last wrote about rumors of this two years ago, and another one last year in which the worst plot description I have ever read was floating around as a synopsis of the script currently in play.

The current update is that Showtime will be airing an eight part miniseries, which will then be followed by a feature film to wrap it all up. Josh Boone is writing and directing it because nothing says post-apocalyptic struggle between good and evil like the guy who made The Fault in Our Stars. Details are supposed to be finalized in the next week, which I imagine means that I’ll be writing another rumors update in 2017 about the status of the project.

After the first mini-series, and the dull hollow shock television that is Game of Thrones, I’d really just be happy at this point if they left books alone.

(source: Blastr)

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