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'The Joker' No One Wants Gets Worse With Rumored "Political Commentary" And References To Trump

By Jodi Smith | Industry | January 8, 2019 |

By Jodi Smith | Industry | January 8, 2019 |


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I have no interest in an origins story for The Joker, especially a full movie about it. Did no one learn from Rob Zombie’s Halloween remakes that delved deeper into the life of Michael Myers than most high-level government positions, making him less terrifying by destroying The Shape mythos?

No. DCEU and Warner Bros. went ahead, casting Joaquin Phoenix as The Joker with Todd Phillips directing and co-writing. Yes, Todd The Hangover Phillips.

I was dismayed, as I hoped the idea would come and go as quickly as the various directors attached to The Flash. Alas, things moved forward with the wrong character stand-alone flick and we got leaked set photos of sadness incarnate and a look at Phoenix in the Clown Prince of Crime makeup. He looks like the rubber masks used in the opening scene of The Dark Knight by Heath Ledger’s Joker and his thugs. But in a bad way.

Alec Baldwin attached and then departed the film while rumors of The Joker being Bruce Wayne’s brother swirled alongside other annoying possibilities. Now, CBR is reporting that The Joker is highly political in nature and even refers to President Tr**p.

According to the site Revenge of the Fans and their source:

“I keep hearing the film has a very “Taxi Driver meets The King of Comedy” vibe.” “…the film definitely has a political bent, with some pointed commentary on Donald Trump. We’re talking V For Vendetta style political undercurrents.”

EW. WHY. First, you’re giving us an origin for a character made all the better for not having a concrete, verifiable past. Second, you’re going to make movie-goers think about politics and President Lies-A-Lot during it? No thanks.

You know what? The Joker is going on my Refuse To Watch list. (Also on the list: Titanic, Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, Man of Steel, and Avatar movies. Also A Serbian Film (don’t Google it).) I DON’T HAVE TO WAIT ON A TRAILER. I DO WHAT I WANT.

If anyone else wants to see The Joker, it’s due to hit cinemas on October 4, 2019.

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