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'The Good Wife' Has Found a Suitable Replacement For That Beloved Dead Character. I Guess.

By Dustin Rowles | Industry | March 28, 2014 |

By Dustin Rowles | Industry | March 28, 2014 |

It’s been five days, are we allowed to spoil last Sunday’s episode yet in a headline? Because, you know: Everyone on the damn Internet already knows, even those who have never watched the show in their lives.

Eh. I’ll refrain from doing so, if only because someone will yell at me.

Anyway, Josh Charles’ character died in last Sunday night’s episode, leaving a huge, charming, smirk-y hole in the cast. Who will Alicia cheat on her husband with now, huh? Michael J. Fox will be returning for a stint, and as much as I love him and his character on the show, that’s not exactly going to fill the vacuum left by Josh Charles.

But this might: Matthew Goode is set to become a series regular now. Goode, as you recall, played the prosecutor in Sunday night’s episode who survived the shooting that killed Will Gardner. My guess is that Goode will continue on in that role as he prosecutes the character played by Hunter Parrish who murdered Will, and that character I would imagine will submit a defense based on the physical and psychological torment he suffered while in prison. If anyone from Florick/Agos or Lockhart/*Sob*Sob* takes that case, however, I will call SO many shenanigans.

“Josh created a great jolt of male energy in the show. We wanted an equivalent jolt once we knew Josh was leaving,” co-creator Robert King said of the casting. “So no matter what way Josh was leaving the show, we knew we needed to get more male energy.”

That’s some good male energy.

Goode is only signed on as a regular through this season, so far. No word yet on whether he’ll be back next year.

Oh God, I just realized that Matthew Goode will be joining the ‘Good’ Wife. SO MANY BAD PUN OPPORTUNITIES.

Source: E!

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