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'The Gifted' Trailer: Fox Has Mutants, And We Have Reactions

By Tori Preston | Industry | May 15, 2017 |

By Tori Preston | Industry | May 15, 2017 |

It’s TV upfront season, and with it comes the usual slew of renewals, cancellations, and reveals of all the new shows that will grace our screens next season. Today we got our first real peek at the new FOX drama, The Gifted, in the form of a shiny, superpowered trailer.

The show is made in association with Marvel Television, naturally. And when FOX and Marvel partner, it usually means one thing: Mutants! Or Deadpool. Or Fantastic Four. But this is primetime network television, so let’s go with mutants.

A few thoughts:

- It’s so nice to see Amy Acker again! We missed you, Root/Fred.

- Stephen Moyer is apparently playing the patriarch of the family, and an agent of a shadowy government organization that captures mutants. Is Vampire Bill going to be the new HRG? Is it a good thing to already have Heroes on the brain after one trailer? If nothing else, we can hope the first season will kick butt.

- The show is being billed as a “family adventure” series — which sounds so delightfully old fashioned, somehow. Like Lost In Space with superpowers (and no space).

- FX’s awesome show Legion played it fast and loose with the X-Men connections. Sure, David Haller and the Shadow King were pulled from the fringes of the comics, but other than a fleeting X-shaped wheelchair and some Xavier-esque chalkboard art, it was never really clear just how connected to the larger X-universe the show was. Based on this trailer, however, The Gifted is going to be at least slightly more direct. Polaris and Blink are known quantities from the comics, and both the X-Men and the Brotherhood are namechecked already. Sure, the characters don’t know if those teams exist anymore… but at least this show is grounded in a world where they did exist. Now we’re left wondering what happened to them.

- Bryan Singer directed the pilot, which shows a pretty impressive level of commitment from FOX. Singer is basically the godfather of mutants at this point. Let’s hope the show represents X2 Bryan Singer, and not X-Men: Apocalypse Bryan Singer.

- With a second season of Legion coming to FX and a Deadpool cartoon on the horizon for FXX, is there any chance of these shows crossing over or connecting? Probably not, since that would be a network-to-cable channel jump, but it never hurts to dream. Maybe intersecting with the movies would be a safer bet.

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