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The Fine Bros Launch 'React Global,' Are Rightfully Garbage Peopled By The Internet

By Joe Starr | Industry | February 1, 2016 |

By Joe Starr | Industry | February 1, 2016 |

Have you ever watched a ‘Grandparents React to XYZ!!!’ or a ‘Teens React to GFDRGREGHSREHREHTRHGTR’ video before? If so, you’re familiar with the Fine Bros. The Fine Bros have built a small empire on making ‘react’ videos. What you might not be aware of is that they are a bit territorial, and if you try to make a react video, they come after you guns blazing.

In fact, they’ve even tried to copyright the word ‘react.’ It’s all pretty ridiculous. The only thing about this hawkishness is that knowledge of it wasn’t all that well spread. No one knew that if you had the word react in your video, the Fine Bros would jump out of a closet and yell HEY WE’LL SUE YOU WE WILL WE’LL SUE except for a small percentage of Youtubers that have probably been sued or threatened by Fine.

Well, that has changed with the Fine Bros launch of REACT GLOBAL. I’ll let this Scientology level sappy infomercial speak for itself:


The big side effect of this is that the truth of these muppety looking gentlemen being pieces of shit is now out of the bag. They have, in fact, emptied the bag themselves. The internet has not been kind to them, and rightfully so. One of my favorite reactions so far has been this one:

In response to the massive backlash, the Fine Bros have posted this video update, because baby Youtube hasn’t learned Hollywood’s lesson of ‘just ignore it and it’ll go away’ yet.

What’s your reaction?

(do you see what I did there? so good.)

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