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The 10 Best and Worst Reviewed Movies of 2010

By Dustin Rowles | Industry | January 12, 2011 |

By Dustin Rowles | Industry | January 12, 2011 |

Rotten Tomatoes handed out its Golden Tomatoes yesterday, the ten best and worst reviewed movies of the year. I offer them here for your approval/disapproval. I will point out that just because, say, 95 percent of critics liked a movie doesn’t necessarily mean they liked it a lot, which is something of a glitch in the RT system. Take, for instance, Unstoppable. A full 86 percent of critics “liked” Unstoppable (as did I), but I doubt many of them liked it with 86 percent enthusiasm (I liked it more than I didn’t, which is to say, around 60 percent enthusiasm). It also means that incredibly well made films that divide critics would not appear here. It’s a consensus thing (which also explains why Let Me In, a good but not great movie, is in the top ten).

Best Reviewed Wide Releases

1. Toy Story 3 (99 percent)

2. How to Train a Dragon (98 percent)

3. The Social Network (97 percent)

4. True Grit (95 percent)

5. The King’s Speech (95 percent)

6. The Town (94 percent)

7. The Kids Are All Right (94 percent)

* 8. Let Me In (89 percent)

9. The Fighter (90 percent)

10. The Black Swan (88 percent)

* (I don’t know why an 89 percent movie is rated higher than a 90 percent movie, unless additional reviews came in after the rankings were set)

Here’s the top ten among limited release movies.

1. The Last Train Home (100 percent)

2. Marwencol (100 percent)

3. Waste Land (100 percent)

4. A Prophet (97 percent)

5. Restrepo (96 percent)

6. Exit Through the Gift Shop (98 percent)

7. Inside Job (97 percent)

8. Ajami (97 percent)

9. Animal Kingdom (96 percent)

10. A Film Unfinished (96 percent)

Finally, here are the ten worst reviewed movies of the year. I reviewed five of these, and I cannot disagree with their placement.

1. The Movie That Will Not Be Named

2.The Last Airbender

3. The Bounty Hunter

4. Furry Vengeance

5. My Soul to Take

6. Grown Ups

7. Little Fockers


9. Saw 3D

10. Killers

There are several other categories that you may be interested in, and you can check those out by clicking on this link.

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