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Tai Chi 0 Trailer: Give Me Steam, Real As Anything You've Seen

By Jay Stevens, Jr. | Industry | August 15, 2012 |

By Jay Stevens, Jr. | Industry | August 15, 2012 |

A few years ago just before a St. Patrick’s Day party, I decided I was fed up with the largely lousy faux-Irish menu that had become the regular cliché at pubs and parties. I decided that for better or worse I would try to do something different. I ended up with an unexpected “Irish Tex-Mex” spread that included such concoctions as Corned Beef Quesadillas, “Southie” Chili, Dublin Nachos and something I called Anthony Quinn Sheppard’s Pie. Oh yes, I got quite the cockeyed reaction when I first rolled them out. But oddly enough they turned out to be a real hit and I ended up both sharing the recipes and making them all again other occasions. I don’t know for certain if they are as good as I think or because of the far out idea executed. Fortune favors the bold and I would imagine I got some credit just for attempting something no one had and succeeded for it.

The same sentiment is evoked with Hong Kong director Stephen Fung in his latest movie project which consists of not one, but a planned trilogy of movies being released to theaters in North America starting October 19th. The first chapter is Tai Chi 0 (Zero). The second is titled, Tai Chi Hero and the third’s title is not yet been released. The movies blend the ever-popular martial arts period piece genre infused with an unexpected steampunk science fiction twist. Already I can hear singular eyebrows ratcheting everywhere.

The movies’ story, which sadly really isn’t expressed in any version of the movie’s trailer narrative, centers around the mysterious Chen Village where all the inhabitants are practitioners of Tai Chi. A young man named Yang journeys to the village seeking to be taught this martial art only to be told repeatedly that it is forbidden for anyone outside the village to be taken on as a student. Chen’s inhabitants soon change their minds however when an invading army led by an unscrupulous westernized man wielding a giant steam-powered ironclad monstrosity threatens to level the town. It is his aim to destroy the village to make room for building a new 19th century innovation called a “railroad”. Yang surprisingly may in fact hold the key to defeating this infernal machine’s threat. But first he needs to learn how to become a hero, and he just inherited an entire village of teachers.

The movies’ theme has such a Dagwood of different elements and genres presented in the trailer that it’s difficult to peg it exactly how to classify the overall movie. By the taglines of the movies’ trailers it claims this to be “steampunk kung-fu throwdown”. It could either be a very awesome epic or a ghastly mess that collapses under its own weight. Either way, I think from the looks of the trailer I’d like to give something this wild a chance, just because it appears to try to be different.


Tai Chi 0’s Facebook site

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