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SyFy Adapting 'Brave New World' to Series

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Industry | May 6, 2015 |

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Industry | May 6, 2015 |

Hey! The network that cancelled almost all of their original programming in favor of reality television and pro-wrestling is adapting a novel famous for depicting a dystopia in which people are controlled by dumb mindless entertainment and pleasure.


Says a disposable SyFy executive in the mandatory public handjob of his own idea:

“Brave New World is one of the most influential genre classics of all time. Its provocative vision of a future gone awry remains as powerful and as timeless as ever. Promising to be a monumental television event, Brave New World is precisely the groundbreaking programming that is becoming the hallmark of Syfy.”

Huh, I wonder if they’ll schedule it the same night as sweating men in tights doing a very bad job acting, or maybe on the night WWE airs. Oh, or they could slide it right in with the reruns of one star movies from the nineties, or even those made-for-television movies with $6 budgets and actors that you were pretty sure died of exotic mixtures of alcohol and STDs ten years ago. And there’s always just sticking it in on reality television night. Maybe even in the middle of a 24 hour block of Ghost Hunters. Or, you know, during a marathon of one of the THREE DIFFERENT SPINOFFS of Ghost Fucking Hunters.

Look, I’m not saying that Brave New World as a series is inherently a bad idea. No wait, that’s exactly what I’m saying. But more to the point, SyFy drops these announcements about new series like six times per year, talking up all their dramatic science fiction pedigree. And then the shows get no support, shit budgets, and amazingly the shows themselves end up being orbital dumpster fire of bad science fiction. They’ve been coasting on Battlestar Galactica and Farscape goodwill for six years now, and there’s nothing but fumes left in the tank.

Yeah, I know, they’ve got The Expanse coming down the pipeline and we’re very excited about that. But last year it was a different show we were excited about it, and the year before that a different one. SyFy, consider yourself and your idiotic vestigial y’s on notice. You’ve been making promises for years, and you’re one step removed from just being the genre version of TLC. Put up or shut up.

(source: SlashFilm)

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Steven Lloyd Wilson is the sci-fi and history editor. You can email him here or follow him on Twitter.