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Stop The Presses: Industry Gender Equality Battle Now Over!

By Petr Knava | Industry | January 12, 2016 |

By Petr Knava | Industry | January 12, 2016 |

Sisters, you need battle no more, for your struggle is over!

Yes, indeed, The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that, according to a new study by the Center for the Study of Women in Television and Film, women made up a whopping 19 percent of behind-the-scenes talent in the Year Of Enlightenment just gone, 2015.

Pack your bags, suffragettes, you can go home to your husbands. They who are clearly superior and naturally made to be directors, producers, writers, cinematographers, and editors; for what other reason apart from God-given aptitude could there possibly be for a 19/81 percent gender split?

Women directors fared especially well at overcoming their inbuilt frailties, with a very impressive 9 percent showing! A slight dip from their previous high of 11 percent in 2000, but, hey, we must be fair: there was probably a mass synchronized menstrual cycle or hysteria to blame last year. This compared with their share of cinematographers (6 percent), writers (11 percent), editors (22 percent), producers (26 percent), and executive producers (20 percent).

We mustn’t forget that statistics aren’t everything, and though a 9 percent figure for women directors might seem a little low, everyone knows that women directors are actually everywhere now. Ask any man on the street: ‘Hey, you, can you name a woman director?’ and they’ll say, ‘Of course! Kathryn Bigelow! She’s great! Or Sophia Coppola! Ava Duvernay! Ha, forget naming a woman director; I can name three!’ Don’t ask them the other version of that question though: ‘Can you name a man director?’ It’s not that it feels silly to even say, or that it sounds like a rhetorical question or anything like that, but you might get a the answer of, ‘Well where the hell do I start?’

It’s important also to acknowledge those women who stayed true to their weaker selves and didn’t try to force themselves into the 33 percent of productions that had just one woman or none at all working behind the camera. It makes sense. I mean, if you just needed the one, you probably didn’t need any, right? It’s certainly a good sign showing that the only criteria being used in hiring is pure skill, and nothing else is influencing things at all.

All seems to be going well on the long march to equitable gender industry relations.

Ah, but a twist in the tale!

According to THR:

The study found that when there was at least one female director on a film that led to greater percentages of women working in the other roles on that production. For example, on films with female directors, 53 percent of the writers were women, 32 percent were editors and 12 percent were cinematographers. On male-directed movies, those numbers dropped to 10 percent, 19 percent and 10 percent respectively


THIS WILL NOT STAND! This kind of naked and flagrant gender nepotism and vagina cronyism (vagonyism) is EXACTLY what must be prevented, lest we see our beloved industry go down the toilet of political correctness and enforced diversity! This is about ethics in behind-the-scenes-filmmaking, dammit, and this will not stand!


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