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Spoiler Alert! Do The Dark Knight Rises Set Photos Reveal Bane, JGL, and Marion Cotillard Characters/Plot?

By Rob Payne | Industry | August 1, 2011 |

By Rob Payne | Industry | August 1, 2011 |

I think normally I would feel dirty (not the good kind) for posting photos and videos from the sets of upcoming movies that the filmmakers themselves didn’t release, but I would be remiss not to in this occasion, considering these photos are from Christopher Nolan’s most anticipated The Dark Knight Rises, and they’re of pretty decent quality (huzzah technology). That they seem to reveal several elements from the movie’s plot that Warner Bros. has been trying to keep under wraps, namely Marion Cotillard’s character and the overall plot, has my mind throwing Batarangs a mile a minute. Naturally, I respect a filmmaker’s right to shock-and-awe their audience at the multiplex, but since I’ve already seen them, I figure I may as well share what I think they mean. Really, I just can’t resist the Bat-Symbol’s call.

Seriously, though, if you don’t want to know a damn thing about The Dark Knight Rises plot, then beware all, you who entrez-vous, there be POSSIBLE SPOILERS ahead…

First things first, here’s Tom Hardy as Bane, apparently in the process of ripping up a photo of Harvey “Two Face” Dent, or maybe just putting the call-sheet away ASAP:


And here’s Bane standing with what looks like a small mercenary army, which is true to the comic book Bane. What isn’t seems to be the lack of Venom injection tubes — but maybe that’s what the rebreather on his mask is for?


Here’s Bane and Batman (presumably Christian Bale, possibly a stunt man) having a tussle out on the steps of Gotham City Hall, and I must say, seeing a decked out caped crusader in legitimate action is its own, fanboyish thrill:


And here they are again; depending on when this takes place in the movie, Batman doesn’t seem to be on the verge of a broken back, and Bane seems smaller than I initially imagined:


At this point, Batman takes a break between rounds takes, and I can’t tell if he’s sizing up Joseph Gordon Levitt (as GCPD officer John Blake) or if he’s about to ask JGL how he’s doin’:


Back in action, Bane and Batman continue to duke it out, with John Blake fighting, it seems, side by side with Bats. So, again depending on when this takes place, it seems Batman is no longer on the run from the cops. Or, at least, they’ve redeveloped their necessary alliance:


Here’s some on-set fan footage of the fight taking place, and it’s amidst a riot of some sort, which, no matter when the scene actually occurs, is definitely inspired by the “Knightfall” storyline from the comics:

The cherry on top of all this, for me, is what I think is the revelation that Marion Cotillard is clearly playing more than just Wayne Enterprises board member Miranda Tate, but that she is, in fact, like Liam Neeson before her, playing the dual role of Talia Al Ghul, the daughter of Ra’s Al Ghul. I have what amounts to circumstantial evidence, but I think all the components are compelling when compiled together.

For one, I don’t think a normal “board member” would be walking around so casually — no, authoritatively — with what appears to be Bane’s mercenary army:


Secondly, I’m also fairly certain that a reg’lar ol’ “board member” wouldn’t be getting into, or out of, an updated version of Batman’s tumbler-mobile (no offense to real members of real boards who probably aren’t reading this):


But she would certainly have access to the schematics needed to build her own (or three based on this video) Tumblers for her nefarious criminal plots:


Finally, there’s a decent look at her get-up which is, say it with me now, decidedly non-traditional U.S. corporation “board member” and oh, so much more obviously something very Al Ghul-ian:


What do you think? Am I way off-base, or is this now the worst-kept secret of film-time?

Remember, kiddos, The Dark Knight Rises comes out next summer, so there’s time a’plenty for more of the movie’s precious plot points to pontificate upon.

I’m saying, pace yourself.

Rob Payne also writes the indie comic The Unstoppable Force, co-hosts the internet radio show We’re Not Fanboys, and can be Bat-Shark repellented on the Twitter @RobOfWar. He wonders how long it will be before Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman suit is littered all over the internet; he puts the over/under at two weeks.

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