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Warning: This Post is the Mass Grave of Random News About Sequels

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Industry | November 18, 2010 |

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Industry | November 18, 2010 |

The middle part of the week often tends to end up being a dead spot of trade news. Oh there’s always something to report on, but studios tend to like announcing stuff early in the week, I suppose because announcing something juicy on a Thursday makes little sense when it’ll get lost in the wash of movie reviews and new trailers hitting Thursday and Friday. So sometimes we are faced with several bits that just don’t hold their own as trade news bits, so then we start getting creative in tying together disparate bits of news. This post? Sequels. Do you hate the endless onslaught of sequels? Good news! This post probably encapsulates all of the interminable sequel related news of the day, so you can just jump all the way down to the comments and vent your bottomless venom at the studio process!

Here’s that actual news though.

First, Paranormal Activity 3 was announced! And it even has a release date! It’ll be Oct 21, 2011, thus officially taking over the mantle of Saw as the yearly Halloween horror franchise release, the main difference being that the Paranormal Activity movies have actually been good. It will be curious to see how much longer they can pull off the suburban-house-wired-with-cameras trick though with a straight face. Of course, they did legitimately both stick to what worked in the first film and move an overall story forward in the second film, so they get the benefit of the doubt for the third one, for now at least.

Second, Spider-Man 4 (yeah, fine, it’s a reboot not a sequel, but there’s already a movie called Spider-Man, so until they give me an alternate title, this one’s getting labeled with a “4” in my book) has announced that Denis Leary is in talks to play Gwen Stacy’s (played by Emma Stone) father.

Third, Men in Black 3 started filming yesterday. It’s got a weird shooting schedule, as they’re taking a two-month hiatus in the middle of it in order to wait for summer to come back and apparently for some tax reasons. A big part of the plot involves a time travel bit in 1969, with Josh Brolin playing a young version of Tommy Lee Jones. I just don’t understand why we’re getting a third iteration of the poor man’s Ghostbusters before we get the third iteration of Ghostbusters. I do find it hilarious though that Brolin is only 22 years younger than Jones, yet will be playing a 41-year-younger version of him.

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