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Sorry, Neill Blomkamp Fans

By Miscellaneous | Industry | June 25, 2010 |

By Miscellaneous | Industry | June 25, 2010 |

We heard a lot of exciting names bandied about for directing The Hobbit. Guillermo Del Toro and Neill Blomkamp were both considered for the job and either one could’ve given us a unique and fascinating Hobbit.

Well, Del Toro seems to be attached to any fantasy film coming out in the next 5 years and Blomkamp chose a sci-fi picture called Elysium. There aren’t a lot of details about it out right now but it’s probably a better fit for him.

So who does the studio choose? Peter Jackson. Oh… well that was a little obvious. He really must have been the first choice. And on paper he seems like the best person to do it. Jackson made the first three a huge hit and knows the material.

But here’s what I’m thinking — The Hobbit is more intimate than The Lord of the Rings. It’s not really about kings and countries and wars. It’s a small scale treasure hunt. Just one little hobbit surrounded by things that terrify him. Is Jackson the right man for this? We know he can do huge battles and sieges, but can he handle small scale drama?

I entirely expect the Pajibans to call me out for never seeing Meet the Feebles or Heavenly Creatures but even so, those were before he got famous for epics like LOTR and King Kong.

So, prove me wrong. Tell me why he’s the man for the job.

Or rally under my banner and agree that Jackson might not have the skill set for this particular picture.

Or say that he has always sucked and I’m wrong for digging The Lord of the Rings. It’s why we have comments.

(via Deadline)

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