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Sophie Turner Thinks Your Sansa Hate Is Due to Your Own Insecurities

By Cindy Davis | Industry | July 22, 2014 |

By Cindy Davis | Industry | July 22, 2014 |

In a recent interview, 18 year old Sophie Turner spoke of how the hate directed at Game of Thrones’ Sansa Stark made her feel, and how she’s happy viewers have gotten to see her character’s transformation. Turner also proved herself pretty darned insightful and smart, noting that were any of us dropped into Sansa’s shoes at such a young age, we’d not have acted much differently. Some choice quotes on the haters, and Sansa’s ability to learn and grow (Note: If you haven’t caught up through Season 4, this is a bit spoilerish):

“I think it’s because people see their own faults in her character, and they don’t like facing their own weaknesses. I think if anyone was a 13-year-old girl put in her situation, they would probably act exactly the same. When I was younger, Maisie, who plays my sister, and I were in scenes together and people loved her character and they hated mine, and it really used to affect me.”
“I really like the fact that she is quite a silent character. If she had spoken up in court at any point she would have gotten herself killed. She is being compliant with the people she hates just so that she can bide her time and then she can actually get her own back. It’s fun because then a lot of the acting is in the face, and not in the words, which is nice for me to experiment with.”
“This season has been really good for me because Sansa has gone from a vulnerable 13-year-old girl, and she is transformed. She has been learning from al these people at court on how to manipulate others and she is actually putting it into practice now. She is becoming a bit of a dark horse.”I had this scene in the most recent episode where I had to lie for Littlefinger during his trial, and at the same time, I had to put on a convincing performance. It was quite difficult but it was a lot of fun. We had a great time filming.”

Pretty astute, no? I’ve always had a soft spot for Sansa, so I was particularly thrilled by the way the series gave the elder Stark sister a chance to shine this season. I also admire Turner’s ability to withstand the audience storm, and prove herself as strong a young woman as the character she plays.

(Winter Is Coming via The Mary Sue)

Cindy Davis, (Twitter) loves both Stark sisters.

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