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Sony Animation Has A Motherf*cking Emoji Movie In Development and Can Suck It

By Jodi Smith | Industry | July 21, 2015 |

By Jodi Smith | Industry | July 21, 2015 |

Look, I like an emoji as much as the next person. Sometimes only a tiny, smiling turd followed by fire and a knife can properly convey my feelings while texting friends. That said, emojis should not get a movie of their very own. I mean, what the fuck?

Eric Siegel (1 episode of Men at Work) is writing the script and Anthony Leondis (Kung Fu Panda: Secrets of the Masters, Igor) is going to direct the tiny static pictures in an animated feature for Sony.

And? AND? There was a bidding war involving Warner Bros. and Paramount that Sony Animation won to MAKE A MOVIE ABOUT GODDAMNED EMOJIS. Word on the street is that, since emojis are public domain, other studios will likely be developing their own emoji flicks.

What in the ever-loving shit basket will be next? I can’t wait for that gif movie, where every scene is a two loop rotation of drag queens being sassy. Maybe after that we can get a meme movie that’s just a constant rotation of the different iterations of popular memes. Then we can have Comment Thread: The Movie! OH HOLY SHIT, THIS IS SO MUCH BETTER THAN ACTUAL INTERESTING THINGS BEING IN MOVIES. YAY.

Jodi Smith is the Associate Trade News Editor at Pajiba. You can email her or follow her on Twitter.

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