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Something Tells Me You Lost the Plan

By Cindy Davis | Industry | November 10, 2010 |

By Cindy Davis | Industry | November 10, 2010 |

Oh Katee, you had the world on a string - what the hell happened? You went from the most kickass chick on television to the disastrous* “Bionic Woman” to a whiny, psychotic, freak show on “24”. You filmed a pilot that didn’t get picked up, did a bunch of series guest star roles and now your next job is a second class horror film with Chad Michael Murray? Time for a new agent honey, or maybe a career counselor (do they have those in Hollywood?) or hell, even me. You should have had your own series by now, done a couple of independent films and been well on your way to a kazillionty-dollar blockbuster salary for some craptastic James Cameron blockbuster, with us shouting from behind you what a sellout you’ve become. This is just sad and now I have to drink. (Okay, maybe I was going to drink anyway but I need someone to blame.)

Admittedly, I haven’t seen Georgia’s predecessor, A Haunting in Connecticut and that’s part of my point. Dustin’s review leads me to believe I made the right decision and I can’t imagine a second film in the series is going to be better; how often does that happen? A Haunting in Georgia is another film loosely based on a true story (of the Wyrick family). According to a news story, Heidi Wyrick of Ellerslie, GA has been seeing spirits since she was three years old, some good and some bad. As Heidi grows older and continues to see the “ghosts”, her family discovers that some of them are people who used to be related to the house in which they reside (a caretaker, a neighbor), then Heidi begins to see an ominous dark figure. After initially doubting Heidi’s visions, then seeking both medical and psychic help, Heidi’s family begins to believe her and even to see some of the ghosts themselves. How exactly the film version will play out in comparison with real events remains to be seen, but Emily Alyn Lind (The Secret Life of Bees will play young Heidi, Abigail Spencer (“Hawthorne”, “Mad Men”) and Chad Michael Murray (“One Tree Hill”) her parents and poor Katee stars as Spencer’s sister.

If anyone knows of a good agent, I beg of you, please send him to save Katee from herself because Godtopus knows this woman doesn’t know how to direct her career. We’ve got to head her off at the pass before she ends up a porn star. You don’t want that, do you?

*In defense of Katee’s talent, “Bionic Woman” could have and likely would have been a massive hit if those idiot producers had cast Katee as the lead instead of the horrifically awful, terrible, wooden Michelle Ryan. Katee stole the show every time she was onscreen.