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 FOX Unleashes Terra Nova Promo Pics.jpeg

Someone Shut The Fence Off In The Rain

By Joanna Robinson | Industry | January 12, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Industry | January 12, 2011 |

As Steven Lloyd Wilson reported back in November, Steven Spielberg’s ambitious television series, “Terra Nova,” has been beset by production problems and massive delays. At this point, the show is slated to debut in May of this year and run through the summer. The show follows a family from the future (2149) as they travel back to the prehistoric era to save humanity, or step on butterflies, or something. Oh that’s right, folks, here be dinos.

Fox (yup, yup, Fox, get your hankies ready, sci-fi fans) has released images of the cast and set. I have to say, they look pretty sweet. You can see all the photos and a full press release here, but I’ve amassed for you what I think are the top four, highly intellectual reasons you should tune in on May 11.

1. Jason O’Mara is rather dreamy and it’s not his fault at all that “Life on Mars” was so bad.

Jason OMera.jpeg

2. This girl is very fetching and has lovely boots, don’t you think?


3. Stephen Lang is supremely badass and it’s not his fault at all that Avatar was so bad.

Stephen Lang.jpeg

4. They appear to be recycling the dino paddocks from Jurassic Park and the heroic, oddly angled stances from all the old “Lost” promos.


And speaking, as we are, tangentially, of Spielberg and dinos, here are the top five Jurassic Park lines I tend to quote on a near daily basis. I know, I know, it’s what you never knew you always wanted.

5. “Cleveh gehl.”

Clever Girl.jpeg

4. “Hold onto ya butts.”


3. “I’m fairly alarmed here.”


2. “They’re, uh, they’re flocking this way.”


1. This one isn’t a line so much as an impression that involves some hissing and purring and jazz hands under my chin.


Joanna Robinson once invented a drinking game called “Drunkassic Park.” While watching the movie, you must drink (sip, gulp, chug) every time you see a dinosaur. Don’t actually do this, kids. You will die, and not in a fun, dino-induced way.

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