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Science Fiction Thursday: Joel McHale Joins 'X-Files'

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Industry | June 4, 2015 |

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Industry | June 4, 2015 |

Say hello to my little genre, because it’s Thursday!

Remember Michael Dorn? He’s most famous for playing a therapist on Castle.

No, wait, that’s not right. He’s the once and future Mr. Worf and he’s actively trying to get funding and support together for a spin off Star Trek series focused specifically on Worf. There are a few problems. First, nobody wants to give him money. Second, he wants to set the show between the events of DS9 and Nemesis, which just seems pushing it given the fifteen years of aging he and any of the other actors have endured. Plus, it would probably be best to just pretend most of those Next Generation movies never happened anyway. Here’s Michael Dorn (first of a seven part series) talking about his ideas for the proposed series.

Hey he’s got his head shaved! Grow a goatee and he will have finished the two part process into becoming a badass Starfleet commander. No need to wait a season or two like Riker or Sisko.

In Eastern news, it turns out that Japan has forgiven Godzilla his transgressions and has officially given him residency status and appointed him Tourism ambassador of one of the wards of Tokyo. They only made him resident and not citizen though because getting naturalized citizenship in Japan is wicked hard. Here’s the official list of requirements for citizenship:
1. Continuous residence in Japan for five years or more
2. At least 20 years old and otherwise legally competent
3. History of good behavior generally, and no past history of seditious behavior
4. Sufficient capital or skills, either personally or within family, to support oneself
5. Stateless or willing to renounce foreign citizenship

The Japanese government did not respond to inquiries as to whether it would be possible for Godzilla to obtain citizenship down the road, though to be fair, I didn’t even try to ask them.

(source: Blastr)

Finally, Community may be gone again (though I’m one of those who completely forgot it existed when it moved to Yahoo and now I feel kind of bad about that) but Joel McHale is making a science fiction move. Says Deadline: “McHale will play Tad O’Malley, the anchor of a popular conservative Internet news network who becomes an unlikely ally for Fox Mulder”.

Definitely not the darkest timeline.

(source: Deadline)

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Steven Lloyd Wilson is the sci-fi and history editor. You can email him here or follow him on Twitter.