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Science Fiction Thursday: I'll Take Pratchett and Potpourri for 200 Credits

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Industry | March 19, 2015 |

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Industry | March 19, 2015 |

First up this week, a bit of Pratchett. In Pratchett’s novel Going Postal, there is a system of communication called “the clacks” that is similar to telegraphs, if you haven’t read the novels. When a beloved character with a connection to the system dies, the operators pass his name onto the system, and encoded it so that it is simply bounced from tower to tower as part of the normal operations of the system, forever. Says the book “A man is not dead while his name is still spoken.”

Fans of Pratchett did something similar, adding a bit of code to HTML pages that do a similar thing with Pratchett’s name so that he too lives on in the clacks. It’s not fancy, it’s not something tangible, but it’s something so loaded with meaning that it will bring book readers to their knees. Summary here.

Next up, the following bit of Pratchett love caught my eye:


No, YOU’RE crying.

To lighten things up, here’s a photo of an attractive lady making Joss Whedon have confused feelings, which is the foundation of most of his writing:


Next, we’ve got a teaser trailer concept video something for a short science fiction film called Leviathan that has nothing to do with Leviathan Wakes, but does have a space monster that eats space ships, which is all I need for a good Saturday night:

Finally, it seems that one of the minor planets (i.e. those things that Neil deGrasse Tyson uses as an excuse to cast Pluto from the ranks of planets) may have rings, which to data has been something only found around big old gas giants. Details here. It’s named Chiron, so I assume this is just the location of a Mass Effect Relay, and we’d confused the name with Charon in earlier reports.

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