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Science Fiction Thursday: Fantasy Release Round Up

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Industry | April 24, 2014 |

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Industry | April 24, 2014 |

Thursday! Sci-Fi! Damnit, I should have held on talking about the Farscape movie until today, because the world is giving a big blank on science fiction this week. It’s probably because the universe hates you. Likely because of something you did. You’re not blameless in any of this.

So here’s what we’re going to do. This summer promises to be a fantastic one for fantasy literature. Even if you don’t have a high opinion of the quality, there’s an undeniable quantity coming down the pipeline. Here’s what’s slated for release over the next few months:

Brent Weeks, The Broken Eye: This is book 3 of his second trilogy, so if you haven’t read the previous ones, you have some good summer reading in August. Creative story and a fascinating world. Has some of the Lies of Locke Lamora issues with being a little too cute for its own good and just lapsing the characters into 21st century American mindsets, but entertaining nonetheless.

Robin Hobb, Fool’s Assassin: Another August release. This one starts a new series in the same world that Hobb has set most of her novels. In particular, this is set to be the third trilogy (a trilogy of trilogies, oh my) featuring dear old Fitz as the protagonist. If you haven’t read Hobb, she’s quite good. She writes characters of dear complexity without simply making them dark and edgy.

Assorted, Rogues: Another short story collection from a ton of famous names including Gaiman and Rothfuss, edited by George R.R. Martin. Short story collections are always wonderful, but this one has the added benefit of giving Westeros fans another book that’s not Winds of Winter with GRRM’s name in big print. You can hear them (us) wailing already. Releases in June.

Jim Butcher, Skin Game: Butcher releases a new Dresden Files book every year like clockwork, and frankly, despite a slow start in the first couple of books, they are getting better book by book. They have a familiar rhythm once you get into them, but the world building and characterization is top notch. This one comes at the end of May. Added note: if you like audiobooks, the ones for this series are fantastic. James Marsters nails the character of Harry Dresden.

Joe Abercrombie, Half a King: Departing from the universe of his First Law series, Abercrombie is starting a new fantasy series, this one geared more towards the traditional coming of age heroic arc. Naturally there will be grittiness and a spot of the old ultra violence, but that’s his trademark.

Mark Lawrence, Prince of Fools: Lawrence is back to his Broken Empire universe, but with a new character. The first trilogy was great dark fantasy, if not even remotely for everyone’s tastes. It featured a true unrepentant anti-hero, as opposed to the edgy guys that pretend they’re anti-heroes but really have a heart of gold underneath that get by in most fantasy.

I’ve probably missed some, because everyone who has ever published a fantasy novel has a release date this summer.

Steven Lloyd Wilson is a hopeless romantic and the last scion of Norse warriors and the forbidden elder gods. His novel, ramblings, and assorted fictions coalesce at You can email him here and order his novel here.

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Steven Lloyd Wilson is the sci-fi and history editor. You can email him here or follow him on Twitter.