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Science Fiction Thursday

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Industry | June 12, 2014 |

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Industry | June 12, 2014 |

Remember, you can’t spell scintillating filigree without “sci fi”, especially on a Thursday!

Walking Dead has been planned through 2021. There aren’t really any details yet, but producer David Alpert had this to say:

“”I happen to love working from source material, specifically because we have a pretty good idea of what season 10 is gonna be. We know where season 11 and 12…we have benchmarks and milestones for those seasons if we’re lucky enough to get there.”

Presumably either they’re going to keep tapping the graphic novels (which still have quite a bit of content never touched by the show), or we’re going to get to see how zombies are looking ten years after they turn. Probably be awfully dried out by then. The bigger problem is that they’ve got to find a way to move the show forward in some way, not just continue the pattern of: 1. find safer place, 2. burn it down in the finale. I mean, if they want to posit a thousand years of darkness rather than humanity reorganizing in some way, that’s fine, but at some point it’s just wallowing instead of telling a story.

Next up, apparently back in the early 1990s, LucasFilm tried to make a Han Solo prequel series happen. Then they realized that the pile of money was insufficient to the task at the time. Slashfilm dug up the details through something called “journalism”, which I’m not entirely comfortable with as I had been assured such a thing was dead. In any case, the show was titled Star Wars Underworld, and apparently the source material for it is now being mined, potentially for one of those stand alone Star Wars movies that we’re supposed to be getting every year starting in 2015.

So, we all got excited a couple years ago when HBO was going to adapt American Gods. It was going to be the best thing since Game of Thrones! Then Game of Thrones got boring and HBO gave up on the adaptation last year. Why, you might ask? Not for lack of trying:

“I think we’re all huge fans of the book, and I think the script just didn’t — we couldn’t craft the script as good as we needed it to be. I think we knew going in that it would be a challenge; every good book is a challenge to adapt it and find the level you need for it. The bar is high now for great dramas. And to find that bar — we tried,” Lombardo said. “So it was a huge disappointment […] We tried three different writers, we put a lot of effort into it. Some things just don’t happen. We have to trust at the end of the day, if you don’t have a star with a great script, you’re just not going to go through with it.”

Better no adaptation than a shitty one. That’s an old family saying of mine.

Finally, in some more sort of print news, Universal Cable Productions has picked up the television rights to Robert Charles Wilson’s Spin. I loved that novel. I didn’t much care for the sequels. But that original is beautiful, both with the small story of three people, and the big story of the stars going out one night. You should pick it up. You should read it too.

Steven Lloyd Wilson is a hopeless romantic and the last scion of Norse warriors and the forbidden elder gods. His novel, ramblings, and assorted fictions coalesce at You can email him here and order his novel here.

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Steven Lloyd Wilson is the sci-fi and history editor. You can email him here or follow him on Twitter.