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Once More Unto the Breach, with Cyborgs

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Industry | November 3, 2010 |

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Industry | November 3, 2010 |

Henry V was always the favorite in high school. Every year one ended up reading at least one of Shakespeare’s plays, sometimes two. A proper education means you read on average six of Shakespeare’s plays by age 18. Of course, most high schoolers probably read the Cliff Notes and called it a day, but not me and my friends, us band of overly literate nerds. We read them all, because that’s just the way we did things on that side of the tracks. Here’s my recollection of the general consensus among us whippersnappers:

  • Julius Caesar: excruciatingly boring. It was like watching Titanic without the benefit of the boat sinking for an hour. We knew he was going to get knifed, but it took quite a lot of pages to get there.
  • Henry IV: “I know thee not old man” That’s all I remember about this. And I might not even be remembering that correctly.
  • Othello: Awesome
  • Macbeth: Awesome
  • Romeo & Juliet: I’m afraid 16 year old boys were not terribly sympathetic to the lovers’ plight.
  • Hamlet: Awesome
  • Henry V: It’s the greatest action movie one could possibly imagine rendered in the format of a Shakespearean play.

Hell, at this point Henry V has almost been quoted in its entirety over the course of the Star Trek franchise so it shouldn’t come as that much of a surprise that it is getting remade as a science fiction film. And we’re not talking some straight to DVD Van Damme sort of thing, this is getting the real treatment with a cast that includes Michael Caine, Ray Winstone, Vinnie Jones, and Gerard Depardieu. Here’s the plot synopsis:

In an age of apocalypse, in a land without a leader, a dissolute prince finds redemption when he crushes a rebellion that threatens to destroy his father’s kingdom. But upon assuming the throne himself, he immediately engineers a war against a neighboring state to slake his lust for power.

Despite his enemy possessing weaponry rendering their forces almost invincible, the newly crowned king seizes a glorious victory from the jaws of defeat by ruthlessness and cunning. But for all his wiles there’s one thing the young monarch has overlooked. Just as he’s prepared to do whatever it takes to ensure victory, so is his enemy…

I may or may not have just spent the last ten minutes looking at the wikiquote entry for Henry V, and adapting each quote to include cyborgs and mechs as appropriate.

(source: Blastr)

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