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Soon, The Nolans Will Direct Everything

By TK Burton | Industry | July 14, 2010 |

By TK Burton | Industry | July 14, 2010 |

I find myself caring less and less about these franchises as time passes. Reboots are tiresome, particularly in the case of films that have already been done well. And while there have been a few abject failures in the Superman franchise, the fact is that the first two Donner films are quite good, if not great, and I’m a fan of Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns, even if it’s an imperfect film. Similarly, I enjoyed the first two Spider-Man films, though the third was a minor nightmare.

The small news for today is that Elena Satine has auditioned for the role of Mary-Jane Watson in the reboot of Spider-Man that will star Andrew Garfield ( and the one that has Anton Yelchin rumored to play Harry Osbourne). Who is Elena Satine, you ask? I have absolutely no fucking clue. From what I can tell, she’s Russian-born, 23 years old, and has had several small TV and film roles. Oh, and she’s quite lovely:


On to Superman. This newest rumor (I should capitalize that shit, because it is very much a rumor) is a tantilizaing one. Warner Brothers, desperate to resurrect the property but also to try to reach the popularity it reached with the new Batman franchise, may be taking a page from that notebook. The newest rumor, according to GeekTyrant, is that they’re looking for a Nolan to direct. No, not Christopher Nolan (who is already alleged to be playing a sort of overseer role for the production), but rather Jonathan Nolan, his younger brother.

Nolan the Younger hasn’t directed anything yet, but he’s worked closely with his brother on a few of his projects, working on the screenplays for Memento, The Prestige and The Dark Knight. He’s known as a brilliant mind in those circles, and his name pops up in directorial discussions periodically. Whether or not there’s any truth to this at all remains to be seen. God knows it would be a step up from the last rumor, Chris Columbus, but my gut says it’s bullshit (especially since Nolan is hard at work scripting the next Batman film).

Additionally, the other news on the Superman front is that they’re already holding auditions, and that Zachary Levi has tested for it. I was a little puzzled by this one — I’ve only seen a couple of episodes of “Chuck,” early on in its run, so I did a little Google image-searching and… huh. He’s kind of a big (6’4” to be exact), good-looking dude. Not quite the build needed, but… I could see it if he were to put in some more hours at the gym. Seems a little too insouciant for the part, but then again, that’s why they call it acting.

Like I said, there’s a sizable chance that all of this is bullshit, and for all I know we’re going to end up with some sort of SuperRatnerfucking starring Charming Potato.

Yeesh. Bad luck just writing a thing like that.

[breaks mirror, walks under ladder]


(source: Slashfilm)

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