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Rumors Abound Concerning The Next Man To Wear The Cowl And The Scowl

By Jodi Smith | Industry | August 5, 2013 |

By Jodi Smith | Industry | August 5, 2013 |

I am less than enthusiastic concerning the announced Superman and Batman movie. First of all, Christopher Nolan just blew the doors off of fan expectations for a superhero movie with his trilogy. Secondly, they will need to recast the role of Bruce Wayne/Batman. I am terrified every time they attempt to fill the ass-kickingest shoes in Gotham. You need a man that can pull off harsh and moralistic; suave playboy and brooding loner. It’s a tall order.

I though Christian Bale was outstanding in his portrayal of The G*ddamn Batman and it will be more difficult to follow him than, say, George Clooney. According to Dark Horizons, there are six men in the running to become the new Dark Knight.

Josh Brolin

Superhero Experience: Jonah Hex


The front-runner, allegedly, for the role of Batman is Brolin. We all know he can act, so that isn’t a problem at all. My only concern at the moment is whether his Batman voice would be like his Jonah Hex voice, but without the twang. Brolin should be able to effortlessly pull off annoyance with Superman and hold his own in fights and villain confrontations. His Bruce Wayne would be an older playboy, but a playboy nonetheless.

Ryan Gosling

Superhero Experience: Um, Drive?


Ryan Gosling is sexy, sexy, sexy. He is also an excellent actor. However, he’s no Dark Knight. Quite honestly, I can’t see him signing on to play a superhero and I can’t believe that he would be able to bring the physicality to the role.

Joe Manganiello

Superhero Experience: “True Blood”


Manganiello obviously has the physique required to play Batman. He’s cartoonishly bulked up and proportioned. He’s tall, charming, intelligent (he really is very smart and well-spoken in interviews), has a love for comic books, and his talents are certainly lost on “True Blood”. His Batman would be fierce, analytical, and formidable. His Bruce Wayne would be charming and mischievous. I am actually on board with this casting.

Richard Armitage

Superhero Experience: Captain America: The First Avenger, “Robin Hood”


Wrong picture. Here we go:


I can’t judge Armitage by the tiny role in Captain America. I can, however, judge his face. NOPE. I just don’t see it and I don’t have to explain my reasoning to anyone. SO THERE.

Max Martini

Superhero Experience: Pacific Rim


I haven’t seen Pacific Rim, so I’m sure those who have will let me know what a super failure it is to dismiss Martini. Once again, I’m judging his presence and look from a photo and I do not see Batman or Bruce Wayne anywhere.

Matthew Goode

Superhero Experience: Watchmen


Goode was cunning, manipulative, and a bit psychotic as Ozymandias in Watchmen. He seems to be an entirely capable actor and has can pull off a presence that will entrance an entire room. Of course, that’s Bruce Wayne. It isn’t Batman. Would Goode be able to fill the cowl of the Dark Knight and essentially play two characters? I’m not sure.

I know you’re dying to tell me, so let me know: Who would be your front-runner to play Batman in the Man of Steel sequel?

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