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RoboCop Reboot: First Look at the Suit and the PD Cruiser

By Jay Stevens, Jr. | Industry | September 17, 2012 |

By Jay Stevens, Jr. | Industry | September 17, 2012 |

This past weekend saw the start of the remake/reboot of RoboCop in the Greater Toronto Area. The movie is helmed by Brazilian director Jose Padilha and is expected to continue to shoot through October. The film was originally going to split up time between Toronto and Detroit, but after re-strategizing, the exteriors of “Detroit’ will now be shot in nearby Hamilton, which has some similar looking settings. This Toronto-Hamilton sitting in for Detroit was also used for the 2005 film Four Brothers.

It should be noted that with the exception of a few establishing shots, Detroit has never really stood in for itself in the previous RoboCop installments either. The first feature was filmed in Dallas and Pittsburgh, the second in Houston and the third in Atlanta. Toronto has stood in for both the 1994 “RoboCop” television series and later the 2000 “RoboCop: Prime Directives” mini-series. Despite its recent revival as a filming location, the Motor City just cannot catch a break when it comes to its favorite cyborg.

Robocop set photos at Mineola School in Port Credit, ON via



Tweeted picture of a Detroit PD cruiser for RoboCop

Screen Shot 2012-09-17 at 10.18.23 AM.png

I’m torn looking at these pictures of the re-imaged RoboCop armor. On one hand when someone remakes a previous movie, you want the filmmakers to do something different to set it apart from the original, or else why bother to watch the new one at all? On the other hand, if they change it too much, they then risk losing whatever charm the first one had achieved. I have to say the original armor looked like heavy, metallic industrial robotics. Some good foley sound and Peter Weller’s very robotic physical movements helped sell the illusion. It was pretty convincing that they had a modern day Frankenstein monster fused into cybernetics. I found the practical effects have aged rather well. At first sight. I’m just not feeling that here. It almost looks like a rejected version of a Borg suit from Star Trek with an added helmet left over from Equilibrium. In other words, it doesn’t look particularly robotic. Now I know that’s hardly a fair judgment thus far and it is by no means the final verdict, but I was hoping for something that didn’t look like a guy in a black rubber costume.

The mostly exterior shoot in Hamilton is scheduled during the last week of September from the 24th to October 1st . For anyone in the area, 265 James Street North in the city already has set construction underway for a restaurant and the subsequent chase sequence afterward. More to show in the coming weeks.

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