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You Whip Out A Couple Of Swords At Your Ex-Girlfriend's Wedding? They Will Never, Ever Forget It.

By TK Burton | Industry | August 3, 2010 |

By TK Burton | Industry | August 3, 2010 |

Look, we can all agree that X-Men Origins: Wolverine blew more than a free government blowjob robot, right? Yes?

Seriously, anyone who enjoyed it, please step off the planet immediately.

That said, I have to admit that one of the best parts, however short it may have been, was Ryan Reynolds’s depiction of Wade Wilson, aka Deadpool. In fact, the first 20 or so minutes of that movie are actually quite enjoyable, and the scene in the elevator is pretty clever. After that, it pretty much goes to shit, but still.

So, when news broke that Reynolds would be reprising the role in a film of his own, I was down with it. Still pretty annoyed, since the film would once again be produced by Fox, who can fuck the dog on even the most simple of concepts, but whaddayagonnado? And honestly, the news about a potential director is pretty sweet. In fact, if you’d asked me two months ago how I felt about Robert Rodriguez directing Deadpool? I’d have been thrilled.

Rodriguez, you see, is kind of born for this kind of film. Tongue-in-cheek humor mixed with ultra-violence is kind of his thing.

That was before I saw Predators, of course, which was dazzlingly dull. I mean, goddamn, Rodriguez. How do you fuck that premise up?

Anyway, so the news, according to the LA Times, is that the negotiations between Rodriguez and Fox Studios have “moved beyond the casual discussion stage and into the more substantive realm of deal points.”

On the bright (very bright) side, the screenplay is being written by Paul Wernic and unofficial Friend Of Pajiba Rhett Reese, the two lunatics who wrote the transcendent Zombieland. That is very, very good news.

(source: Slashfilm)

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