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Right, Because We All Need More Zombie Rape In Our Lives: Zack Snyder's Army Of The Dead May Yet Live

By TK Burton | Industry | October 6, 2011 |

By TK Burton | Industry | October 6, 2011 |

Zack Snyder is finding new and impressive ways to disgust me. First, he made the increasingly-ridiculous-upon-repeat-viewings 300. Then, he botched his adaptation of Watchmen (yes, I know some of you liked it, and you’d be stunned to discover just how little I give a fuck). Then, he inflicted the insufferably awful Sucker Punch upon us, which was arguably the worst action movie of the year — and that’s really saying something. Next up, he has Superman: Man Of Steel, which boasts an impressive cast, and will yet again tell Superman’s origin story.

Now, a project that was once thought dead and abandoned might be rising from the depths. His zombie opus Army Of The Dead fluttered away a few years ago, and the director he’d tagged for it, Matthijs van Heijningen, went on to direct the not-quite-original preborquel The Thing. The project was, like Sucker Punch, one of his babies, one he’d developed himself. It takes place in Las Vegas during a zombie outbreak, where the city is cordoned off and a few survivors have to fight to… you can guess how it goes. I’ll give Snyder this — his remake of Dawn Of The Dead was quite decent in parts, so maybe the zombie genre is the right fit for him. Maybe? No, probably not.

Regardless, Matthijs van Heijningen has indicated in an interview with io9, that the project may come back to life, and that he may once again find himself behind the wheel. It’s not a particularly original concept, but of course Snyder is Snyder, which means he’ll find a way to make it awful. Sayeth Mr. van Heijningen:

There’s an extra dimension to this zombie film, because they…. they…. I’m still wondering if I should tell this…. the male zombies rape human females. Yes. And they have human hybrid zombie offsprings. It’s a new take on the zombie genre, which is crazy.

Really, Snyder? Really? Zombies raping women? Zombies impregnating women? Ignoring the likely faulty science behind that, that’s one of the most repellent ideas I’ve ever heard of. Seriously. I don’t even have the strength to rant about it, because I’m trying to drink the imagery out of my brain.

So for once, I leave the ranting to you. Don’t disappoint me, people.

(via Slashfilm)

TK Burton is an Editorial Consultant. You may email him here or follow him on Twitter.

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