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Pictorial: The Complete Mutant Cast of X-Men: Days of Future Past

By Jodi Clager and Steven Lloyd Wilson | Industry | April 25, 2013 |

By Jodi Clager and Steven Lloyd Wilson | Industry | April 25, 2013 |

I know what you’ve been thinking. I mean other than that perverted thing you’re trying to hide behind your temporal lobe. (Seriously what the hell, Koala bears can’t legally consent to that). You’ve been thinking that the one problem with previous X-Men films is that there just haven’t been enough mutants. I mean, at least two percent of the population has the mental capacity to remember all of the characters in some of those installments. It’s like the filmmakers haven’t even been trying.

Bryan Singer has that covered though. Returning to the franchise he abandoned to Brett Ratner’s shrimp sauce soaked fingers, Singer has decided to hire all the actors. This process has been made downright giddy by the fact that X-Men: Future Subjunctive Tense is set both in past and future, which means that Singer gets to hire two actors for the same role in many cases.

So far we’ve got … well seriously, any mutant who didn’t die in the first four movies is on the list. Plus younger and older versions.

So naturally this morning Singer announced that he was adding two new mutants: Warpath and Bishop. They’re both the sort of boring mutants that blend together for anyone who isn’t an avid comic reader, with vague powers of superhuman strength and resistance and energy whatsits. So yeah, color me excited.

This coincides with the hiring of Omar Sy and Booboo Stewart, so the presumption is that those actors will plays those roles. I’m most excited about a guy named Booboo playing a character named Warpath, because it’s the little absurdities that get you through the day,

No word yet on whether each mutant will get their own forty-five seconds of screen time, or whether they’ll have to share it since two-thirds of the movie will be focused on Wolverine by apparent legal mandate. Also no word on whether the film will be a thinly veiled Christ metaphor that flops at the box office on account of viewer stupidity, but I’m sure Singer will update us as he knows more on that front.

Alas, Peter Dinklage’s character is still under lock and key, but we can now give a likely accurate rundown of who will be playing which mutant. Of course, what fun would that be without showing all of the mutants?

Magneto: Ian McKellen and Michael Fassbender

Professor Xavier: Patrick Stewart and James McAvoy

Wolverine: Hugh Jackman

Storm: Halle Berry

Mystique: Rebecca Romijn (Maybe?) and Jennifer Lawrence

Beast: Nicholas Hoult

Rogue: Anna Paquin

Iceman: Shawn Ashmore

Kitty Pryde: Ellen Page

Colossus: Daniel Cudmore

Blink: Fan Bingbing

Bishop: Omar Sy (I hope they go the mullet route!)

Sunspot (possibly?): Adan Canto

Warpath: Booboo Stewart

Peter Dinklage: STILL A SECRET!

Jodi Smith is a Senior Reporter, Film & Television at Pajiba. You can email her or follow her on Twitter.

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