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Oh OF COURSE Zack Snyder Wants to Adapt 'The Fountainhead'

By Vivian Kane | Industry | March 18, 2016 |

By Vivian Kane | Industry | March 18, 2016 |

Hey friends, how’s that St. Patrick’s Day hangover treating you? Well, however your brain’s feeling at the moment, it’s about to get a lot more… on fire. Because Zack Snyder said words, and that’s never good. This time, he said them in an interview he (and his wife/producing partner) gave to The Hollywood Reporter, in which he talks about a project he’s currently working on, which is so disgustingly suited to him that I honestly can’t believe this union of asshattery hasn’t been hurled at us.

I have been working on The Fountainhead. I’ve always felt like The Fountainhead was such a thesis on the creative process and what it is to create something. Warner Bros. owns [Ayn Rand’s] script and I’ve just been working on that a little bit.
Oh my god, of COURSE this is happening. There’s nothing ridiculously wealthy men with an abundance of opportunity and little to no actual vision love more than identifying with Ayn Rand protagonists. I get it, they’re all super oppressed by people just not leaving them alone so they can go and be so much better than everybody else. Because if you connect with the story about the man who refuses to bend his will to fit the ideals of the collective, then WHO CARES if your movie gets shitty reviews, right? YOU’RE JUST TOO MUCH OF AN INDIVIDUAL TO BE APPRECIATED BY THE COLLECTIVE.

Still, even with Zack Snyder proposing to give us the most melodramatic T&A fest imaginable, the most brainmashing line of the interview had nothing to do with Ayn Rand. So it may be mostly unrelated, but I couldn’t let you all go without sharing The Hollywood Reporter’s take on film industry sex roles.

Directors used to sleep with their leading lady. Now it seems like every successful director is married to his producing partner. Thoughts on this shift?


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