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Odette Yustman Picks Up Her Ass and Takes It To Television

By Dustin Rowles | Industry | January 13, 2011 |

By Dustin Rowles | Industry | January 13, 2011 |

There’s a slew of television coverage to get to, so let’s jump right in:

  • Fox has officially cancelled “The Good Guys,” the Bradley Whitford/Colin Hanks cop show that floated around their schedule for the last six months and, by debuting during the first week of June, didn’t have much of a shot to begin with. The pilot was decent and had some promise, but goddamnit, we shouldn’t have to work to find out when a television show is airing, Fox.

  • To the surprising of no one, Fox has also cancelled Mitchell Hurwitz’s “Running Wilde,” which makes Hurwitz O-fer since “Arrested Development” left the air. Here’s an idea, Hurwitz: Next time, use someone besides Will Arnett,

  • It’s now official: ABC is moving ahead with its reboot of the television series, “Charlie’s Angels.” There are no angels yet in place, but it comes from the guys behind “Smallville,” which almost certainly means that Kristen Kreuk will be one of the angels, right? Segue!

  • The debut of Shonda Rhimes new medical show, the one on an island with Matty Saracen, didn’t put up particularly good debut numbers last night, in part because Obama’s speech screwed up the primetime schedule (and played havoc on my DVR, which at one point rolled out of its console and gave me the middle finger). So, they’re going to re-run it again tonight in “Private Practice’s” slot. Sure, why not. I’ll try and force myself to watch it and have a review up before the second episode airs.

  • Meanwhile, Comedy Central’s “Tosh.0” had huge ratings with its third season premiere on Tuesday, actually beating its broadcast competition, “Parenthood” and “The Good Wife” in the 18-34 demographic. I’ve caught the show a few times; it’s funny, but I won’t make a habit of watching it because, you know, I have a life. And by “a life,” I mean, lots of other shows to watch.

  • Because I stopped paying attention to it the second I finished my review of the pilot for “Law and Order: Los Angeles,” I had no idea it was having problems. Turns out, it does. So, Dick Wolf has decided to shitcan Skeet Ulrich, and Alfred Molina — who is currently a prosecutor — will quit the D.A.’s office and replace him as a detective, leaving Terrence Howard as the sole D.D.A.

    Whatever you say, Dick Wolf.

  • For something like the 17th time, ABC has decided — again — not to move ahead with a “Rockford Files” reboot. Thanks for keeping up posted, Deadline!

  • Guess which insecure late-night talk-show host won’t allow his guests to go off pre-interview script, according to Alyson Hannigan? Well, it’s not Letterman, Stewart, O’Brien, Colbert, Fallon, or Kimmel. But Hannigan is not saying anymore.

  • I wasn’t going to mention that Nick Stahl (remember him?) had joined the pilot for the Fox drama, “Locke & Key,” based on Joe Hill’s comic. But Prisco mentioned in the last post that the source material might be worthy. Of a television show on Fox? I doubt Prisco had that in mind.

  • Sidenote: Guess who the readers of Out magazine named as the top Gay Male fantasy? Well, well, well. You’re a little late to that party, aren’t you fellas? The straight guys with heterosexual man crushes have already moved on.

  • Finally, I leave you with the trailer for a new Fox series starting in April called “Breaking In.” It’s a workplace comedy set in a high-tech security office, and it stars Christian Slater and Odette Yustman. And let me tell you: Christian Slater in this trailer does an awesome Christian Slater impression. I don’t know about the series, though. It doesn’t look spectacular from the trailer, but it also kind of looks like they might be hiding the more sophisticated wit in the hopes of attracting more viewers. Either that, or it’s just plain dumb. But it comes from Seth Gordon who gave us The King of Kong. Then again, he also gave us Four Christmases.

    So what I’m saying is: Jury’s still out.

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