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Aronofsky Goes Biblical

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Industry | February 8, 2011 |

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Industry | February 8, 2011 |

Daren Aronofsky won a poetry competition when he was 13 years old with a poem describing the end of the world from the point of view of Noah. Fast forward a couple of years and he’s like a Hollywood director with budgets and science fiction street cred, and so naturally what he’s working on now is a film adaptation of that vision.

I’m all kinds of torn here. First of all Aronofsky just doesn’t make bad movies. But on the other hand, a reimagining of the dude with an Ark just doesn’t sound like it has all that much potential. Apparently movie studios are leaning towards the latter reaction since despite having a script and a big name actor (whose name no one has leaked yet) isn’t enough to get any sort of film deal. That reaction might also be prompted by “lots of people had stoned biblical visions when they were 13. It’s not the basis for a feature film.”

Undeterred, Aronofsky has started down the road of adapting the story he has in mind into a graphic novel, which is not new territory for him since The Fountain got the graphic novel treatment after its release. Here’s a trailer that he’s released showcasing the graphic novel version of Noah:

And here’s what Aronofsky said about the project:

It’s the end of the world and it’s the second most famous ship after the Titanic. So I’m not sure why any studio won’t want to make it,” said Aronofsky. “I think it’s really timely because it’s about environmental apocalypse which is the biggest theme, for me, right now for what’s going on on this planet. So I think it’s got these big, big themes that connect with us. Noah was the first environmentalist. He’s a really interesting character. Hopefully they’ll let me make it.

I’m tempted to be interested in this project, I really am. But what really stops me is that if the name “Aronofsky” was removed from everything I just typed, I would roll my eyes at the project. This might end up being genius, but let’s be honest: the track record of vanity projects is really abysmal, even with incredibly talented film makers. I’m rooting for this to be as incredible as he thinks it can be, I’m just not willing to bet on it given what I’ve seen here.

(source: SlashFilm)

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Steven Lloyd Wilson is the sci-fi and history editor. You can email him here or follow him on Twitter.